Scam artist targeting seniors

Police are warning elderly residents to be careful about divulging personal information over the phone.

Police are warning residents of a fraud pattern targeting elderly citizens over the phone.

Elderly citizens of Polish ethnicity were called and asked to give money between April 16 and 20, police say.

Those who were called were instructed to give large amounts of cash to an unknown female who had told them they needed the money to help a family member. Police describe her as a white or Hispanic female standing 5 feet tall with brown eyes and black short hair.

The fraud scammed a resident of Lexington Park, as well as a few citizens in the River Wards.

In the Lexington Park incident, the victim received a call from an unknown caller whom she thought was her niece. The caller spoke Polish and requested money. An unknown Hispanic female went to the victim’s house and claimed the money.

Anyone with information should contact the East Detective Division at 215–686–3243, or call 911. ••