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Maggie’s Cafe, neighbors continue to bicker

East Torresdale Civic Association continues dialogue with Maggie’s Waterfront about possible developments.

Seeking quiet: One of the main disputes between Maggie’s Waterfront Cafe and its neighbors has been noise emanating from the bar’s deck. TIMES FILE PHOTO

On April 9, the East Torresdale Civic Association held an extended meeting that included an almost hour-long discussion regarding Maggie’s Waterfront Cafe, at 9242 N. Delaware Ave.

The civic association and Maggie’s have been at odds for years over issues of zoning, noise and more. Last August, the Times, reported on the numerous zoning, construction and fire violations resulting from multiple site visits from code inspectors.

One of the main disputes from last summer between the restaurant/bar and the civic association was about outdoor seating on a patio on the Arendell Avenue side of the business. L&I determined that outdoor seating was without a permit.

However, the seating and tables on the Delaware Avenue side did not cause any violations.

L&I determined by Aug. 30, 2017 that Maggie’s had to either remove the outdoor table and chairs on the patio or apply for a new zoning variance.

During the meeting this month, Maggie’s lawyer Shawn Ward discussed future plans for the business.

Members of the civic association were particularly wary of giving approval to the outdoor seating on the patio, and the extended parking spots that Maggie’s is hoping to put in place.

Some members of the civic association had a disagreement about the roles of “near neighbors” to Maggie’s and others in the neighborhood’s civic boundaries.

A member of the civic association stated that people from “about six or seven houses” have met with City Councilman Bobby Henon and state Rep. Mike Driscoll on two different occasions about how to remedy this ongoing feud.

No definitive solution was agreed to at the end of the meeting, as both sides agreed to continue the conversation in hopes to find some common ground, although most in the room remained skeptical of the intentions of Maggie’s.

The next meeting will be held May 14 at the Liberty Free Evangelical Church. ••

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