Crime Log: April 16 – 29

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd Police District

There were six robberies. Most of them happened on the street, at 500 Sentner St. (April 25), 2200 Napfle Ave. (April 24), 6200 Everett Ave. (April 27) and 800 Brill St. (April 27). One incident targeted an auto parts store at 500 Adams Ave. on April 19, and the last took place at a clothing store at 4600 Roosevelt Blvd. on April 22, involving a knife.

There were two aggravated assaults. One took place April 28 on the street of 1200 Alcott St. and involved a weapon. The other took place at a factory/warehouse at 5600 Rising Sun Ave. on April 27.

Most of the nine burglaries targeted private residences or apartment houses. The private residences were located at 6200 Hasbrook Ave. (April 29), 7200 Lawndale St. (April 24), 1300 Cottman Ave. (April 27), 1400 Shelmire Ave. (April 27) and 900 Anchor St. (April 17); the apartment houses were located at 6000 Tabor Ave. (April 27) and 700 Rhawn St. (April 16). A barber shop/beauty salon was burglarized at 6400 Rising Sun Ave. on April 26, and a Laundromat was burglarized at 5700 Rising Sun Ave. April 23.

Of the 85 thefts, 37 targeted vehicles (including three cases of stolen vehicle tags), 30 targeted businesses, eight targeted private residences, six happened on the street, three targeted bikes and one targeted a church. At least 44 of the thefts were worth $200 or more. A total of 11 arrests were made. In addition, 17 vehicles were reported stolen, nine of which were recovered.

7th Police District

There were no robberies in the district.

An aggravated assault involving a knife took place at an unspecified location at 2000 Byberry Road. Volodymyr Didych, 39, was arrested April 28.

Most of the eight burglaries took place at private residences and apartment houses. The private residences were located at 8400 Algon Ave. (April 18), 8600 Agusta St. (April 26) and 700 Susquehanna Road (April 29); the apartment houses were located at 1800 Benton Ave. (April 27), 13500 Bustleton Ave. (April 16) and 2100 Benson St. (April 22). A storage facility at 1200 Byberry Road was burglarized the night of April 16, and a restaurant at 8000 Horrocks St. was broken into the night of April 25.

Of the 34 thefts, thieves targeted 16 vehicles, eight businesses, six street thefts (including a purse snatching), two apartment houses, one doctor’s office and one public school. Three arrests were made. There was also one vehicle reported stolen.

8th Police District

There were three robberies. Anthony J. White, 32, was arrested April 29 after robbing a gas station at 10000 Frankford Ave. One took place at a chain clothing store located at 1500 Franklin Mills Circle on April 21 and involved a handgun. The last took place at an undisclosed location at 4300 Megargee St. on April 28 and also involved a handgun.

There were three aggravated assaults, two of them yielding arrests. Steven Barnhart, 48, was arrested April 17 following a domestic assault in an apartment house at 8000 Ditman St. Henri Colin, 28, was arrested April 22 following a domestic assault on the street of 10800 Knights Road. The third assault took place at a prison facility at 7900 State Road on April 23 and involved a knife.

The three burglaries all targeted private residences or an apartment house. Daniel Perkins, 33, was arrested April 26 following a burglary of a residence at 3900 Grant Ave. A private residence at 2700 Fuller St. was burglarized April 22, and an apartment house at 1400 Riverside Drive was burglarized April 24.

There were 49 thefts, which targeted 20 vehicles (including three cases of stolen vehicle tags), 16 businesses, three apartment houses, two private residences, two bicycles, two street thefts, a building still being constructed, a doctor’s office and a public school. At least 22 of the thefts claimed $200 or more. Four arrests were made. In addition, 12 vehicles were reported stolen, six of which have been recovered.

15th Police District

There were nine robberies, two of which yielded a number of arrests. A vehicle robbery involving a handgun on the street of 4400 Elizabeth St. resulted in the arrests of Quamire Moore, 18, Khyre Rivera, 18, and Supreme Smith, 19, on April 29. A chain store robbery on 6400 Sackett St. resulted in the arrest of Derrick Johnson, 21, and Rahsaan J. Mackey, 20, on April 18. Most of the other robberies took place on the street at 7200 Roosevelt Blvd. (April 21), 4400 Elizabeth St. (April 27), 4800 Comly St. (April 22), 5400 Roosevelt Blvd. (April 24), 5300 Cottage St. (April 18) and 5000 Charles St. (April 19). The rest took place at a restaurant at 6000 Torresdale Ave. (April 25), an apartment house at 4900 Frankford Ave. (April 20) and a public school at 5000 Oxford Ave. (April 27).

There were 27 aggravated assaults, which resulted in 12 arrests. Fifteen took place on the street, at 5000 Griscom St., 5000 Oxford Ave., 4500 Stiles St., 3000 Fanshawe St. (Joseph Saunders, 39), 1500 Church St. (Shawn Suski, 39), 2500 Church St., 4200 Vista St., 6200 Bustleton Ave., 7900 State Road, 4200 Cottman Ave., 3000 Princeton Ave., 6100 Tackawanna St. (John Smith, 43), 6300 Gillespie St. (Kenneth Kieffer, 37), 2100 Betts St. and 4200 Comly St. (Patrick Davis, 56). Others took place at private residences and apartment houses at 4200 Tackawanna St., 4600 Benner St., 4600 James St., 5100 Oakland St., 1200 Adams Ave. (June Bell, 38), 1500 Foulkrod St. (Edward Williams, 47), 5300 Saul St. (Layura Regusters, 41), 7800 Lexington Ave. (John A. Cortese Jr., 53), and 4700 James St. (Richard Moreton, 74). The rest were at an auto dealer at Frankford Avenue and Knorr Street (Key Renee, 49), a hospital at 4600 Roosevelt Blvd. (Daniel Tribble, 37) and a public school at 6800 Cottage St.

There were 14 burglaries, almost all of which targeted private residences. Angel Santiago, 42, was arrested after burglarizing a residence at 2700 Unruh Ave. on April 26. The other residences were located at 4600 James St. (April 17), 6900 Tulip St. (April 16), 7100 Gillespie St. (April 19), 3000 Cottman Ave. (April 16), 4800 Jackson Place (April 16), 4100 Gilham St. (April 20), 4400 Rhawn St. (April 26), 5400 Rutland St. (April 19), 4000 Loring St. (April 25), 4700 Loring St. (April 16) and 4500 Tudor St. (April 19). An auto dealer at 4000 Frankford Ave. was burglarized April 28, and a factory/warehouse at 7600 State Road was burglarized April 20.

There were 107 thefts, which targeted 44 vehicles (including nine stolen vehicle tags), 37 businesses, 15 street thefts, five private residences, three apartment houses, one SEPTA property, one prison facility and one unspecified location. At least 43 thefts were plunders of $200 or more. A total of 16 arrests were made. In addition, 49 vehicles were reported stolen, 38 of which were recovered. Four arrests were made. ••