Friends of Pennypack Park clean up on Earth Day

Volunteers removed a trash can, broken lawn light and more from Pennypack Park.

Pitching in: Local volunteers helped collect 47 bags of trash and cans on Earth Day. There were 46 participants, including some from Sandmeyer Steel (pictured above). SOURCE: FRIENDS OF PENNYPACK PARK

Friends of Pennypack Park spent Earth Day removing 47 bags of trash and cans.

In all, there were 46 volunteers.

Sandmeyer Steel’s “Sandmeyer Cares” team consisted of John Curley, Laurel Backert, Mary Beth Lute, Cheri Rider, Donna and Bob Holloway, Antonio Encamacion, Nathaniel Encamacion, Anthony Encamacion, Vanessa Ramos, Phinney Beard, Jim Hewins and Donna Martin.

Volunteers from Father Judge were Eddie Doll, Tom Madison and Sean Sachs.

Tracy Doll represented St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children.

The Yuan Family — Simon, Daimy, Simon Jr. and Danny — participated, as did Julia, Jon and Eugene Schmilovich.

Lenore Jackson and Brynn Koval came from Keystone Academy Charter School.

Marian and Rick Rossi represented St. Luke’s United Church of Christ.

New volunteers were Jen Brereton, Sean McSorley, Chris Swierzy and canine Finley.

Returning volunteers were Dean Lynd, Robert McMunn, Rich Glaser, Linda Davies, Ralph Smith, Kathy Volack, Jim Gardner, Dan Coonan, Alan Kaminsky, Karen Kaczorek, Edward Davis, Kevin Sweetra, Joyce Ferrero and Nance Kerns.

The trash list included a lid to a storage tote, “Sold” sign, broken lawn light, cell phone case, black shiny tote, dead soccer ball, broken bicycle, pink ball, paper car mat, flat cinder block, metal ring, running board from an SUV, pack of string trimmer line, rusted and broken Miter saw, front of kid’s plastic sunglasses, broken baby bouncer, Harbison’s dairy metal milk crate, bath towel, trash can, makeup kit full of ants, Elmo Learns Colors and Numbers toy, GPS and a wedding picture.

City Department of Parks and Recreation employees Jim Hunsburger and Mike Lugo hauled away the trash bags.

The next cleanup will be on Saturday, May 26, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Sandy Run (Ryan and Sandyford avenues, next to Austin Meehan Middle School).

Volunteers should wear long pants and appropriate footwear and bring sunscreen and bug spray. The Friends of Pennypack Park will supply gloves, grabbers, trash bags, water and pretzels.

Call 215–934-PARK. ••