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Finding your zen

Tips on practicing meditation.

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By Patrick Kelly

Theology. Theologians study religious practices and the results of these practices and studies on their own human experience. They study their perception of God (as they define it), religious beliefs and how they believe God sees them and how they should see God. Meditation fits your theology.

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It’s a new day.

The student asked the guru. Teacher, “What about the words of the serenity prayer?” The guru replied, “Apply the words. Be serene, accept what is and be aware when your mind creates conflict with how things are, change the things that you are compelled to joyfully tap into the knowledge and wisdom you have acquired on your journey and apply it. You’re the peace, the joy, the love. It’s underneath all that mental noise, waiting for you to quiet your mind enough (through observation, meditation) so that your true natural state of being can come to the forefront of your life. Your natural state of being is a state of peace, love and joy.”

Practicing meditation. A simple meditation, count inside your mind or out loud, from 1 to 100. Observe the thoughts, If a thought pulls you in, as soon as you realize it has, go back to counting. If you don’t remember where you left off, begin again. Practice your meditations throughout your day, here and there.

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