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Crime Log: April 30 – May 13

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd Police District

Three of the four robberies in the area resulted in arrests. Angel Gonzalez, 26, was arrested on May 9 following an incident involving a handgun at 1200 Benner St. Nakia L. Brown, 31, was arrested May 6 following an incident on the street of 600 Sanger St. A third arrest was made after an incident on the street of 6300 Elmhurst St. on May 2 involving a handgun. In addition, there was a robbery on the street of 500 E. Hill Creek Drive on May 12.

Most of the 14 aggravated assaults took place on the street. These happened at 900 Lardner Terrace (May 3), 1600 Hellerman St. (May 4), twice at 1900 Cottman Ave. (May 11), 7700 Landgon St. (May 1), 1400 Cottman Ave. (May 3) and 7700 Langdon St. (May 1). Daniel Torres, 18, was arrested May 10 following an assault involving a knife on the street of 5800 Weymouth St. Several assaults also took place at private residences at 1400 Benner St. (April 30), 2100 Disston St. (May 7), and twice at 5900 Elmhurst St. (May 4). Malitza Rodriguez, 20, was arrested May 20 following an assault at a private residence at 2200 Disston St. There was also one assault at a public school at 1600 Cottman Ave. on May 9.

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Almost all of the 11 burglaries targeted private residences or apartment houses. These took place at 1500 Magee Ave. (May 10), 500 E. Cheltenham Ave. (May 2), 600 Adams Ave. (May 3), 1400 Wellington St. (April 30), 1200 Kerper St. (May 7), 1500 Devereaux Ave. (May 9), 1600 Robbins St. (May 2), twice at 1700 Rhawn St. (May 11), and 5200 Montour St. (May 3). There was also a burglary at a retail store at 5900 Rising Sun Ave. (May 10).

There were 76 thefts, which targeted 37 vehicles (including five stolen vehicle tags), 31 businesses, two bicycles, two private residences, one apartment house, one street theft and a pickpocketing and purse snatching. At least 32 of the thefts were of $200 or more. Eleven arrests were made. In addition, 19 motor vehicles were reported stolen, 15 of which have been recovered.

7th Police District

There were three robberies. Ibraham Diabate, 24, was arrested May 3 following a robbery of an apartment house at 15100 Beverly Drive. The other robberies took place on the street of 8000 Loretto Ave. on May 4 and a purse snatching using force at 8200 Loretto Ave. on May 11.

Both aggravated assaults resulted in an arrest. Andrew Gutman, 29, was arrested May 13 following an assault on the street at 10000 Northeast Blvd. Matthew Smith, 26, was arrested following an assault on a police officer at 2000 Grant Ave. May 8.

Two of the four burglaries targeted private residences. These happened at 1200 Serota Place on May 1 and 2100 Solly Ave. on May 5. An apartment house at 9900 Haldeman Ave. was burglarized May 7. A bar/diner at 8200 Roosevelt Blvd. was burglarized May 10.

There were 27 thefts, which targeted 13 vehicles (including two stolen vehicle tags), seven businesses, six street thefts and one apartment house. Eleven of the thefts were of $200 or more. One arrest was made. In addition, six motor vehicles were reported stolen, five of which have been recovered.

8th Police District

The only robbery targeted a private residence at 10200 N. Canterbury Road on May 7.

Three of the five aggravated assaults took place at a prison facility at 8100 and 8300 State Road. One happened May 9 and the other two took place May 10. There were also two assaults that took place at private residences at 10800 Modena Drive (May 11) and 2700 Applehouse Road (May 11).

Six of the seven burglaries took place at private residences or apartment houses. Edward Hanley, 50, was arrested May 8 following a burglary of a private residence at 2800 Norcom Road. Other robberies took place at private residences at 12500 Fedor Road (May 1) and 8100 Craig St. (May 4), and apartment houses at 2700 Stanwood St. (May 11), 8500 Marsden St. (May 9) and 2600 Welsh Road (May 11). A chain store at 9100 Roosevelt Blvd. was burglarized May 3.

There were 49 thefts, which targeted 29 businesses, 13 vehicles (including one case of stolen vehicle tags), two street thefts, a pickpocketing, a private residence, an apartment house, a cargo theft and a doctors office. At least 27 of the thefts were of $200 or more. Eleven arrests were made. In addition, nine motor vehicles were reported stolen, four of which have been recovered.

15th Police District

Six arrests were made from the 10 robberies in the area. A robbery on the street of 4100 Comly St. on May 8 saw the arrests of Jamiel Hines, 24, Nesha Washington, 44, and a third person. Avery Walker, 21, was arrested May 12 following a robbery on the street of 1900 Bridge St. Brian McNamee, 39, was arrested May 12 following a robbery of a chain store at 1600 Bridge St. Most of the other robberies took place on the street at 4700 Large St. (May 8), 4500 Torresdale Ave. (May 10), 4600 Leiper St. (May 12), 7100 Torresdale Ave. (May 6) and the corners of Tacony and Comly streets (May 11). There were also robberies at a food store at 2600 Bridge St. (May 6) and a private residence at 2100 Wakeling St. (May 4).

There were 22 aggravated assaults, which yielded 12 arrests. The ones on the street happened at 1700 Orthodox St. (Gary Poole, 38), 4300 Princeton Ave., 1700 Bridge St., 4200 Decatur St., 1500 Arrott St., 6100 Bustleton Ave., the corner of Cottman and Torresdale (William Watson, 37), the corner of Shelmire and Frankford avenues, 1900 Kinsey St. (Edward Love, 38), 4500 Ditman St. (Lykesha J. Brooklyn, 38), 4500 Frankford Ave. (Douglas Carnell Harris, 53), 4700 Magee Ave and 5200 Roosevelt Blvd. (Jesuferanmi Ogunlokun, 27). The assaults at private residences and apartment houses took place at 6300 Glenloch St. (Earl Graham, 36), 7100 Montague St. (May 7), 1500 Church St. (Shamir Koom, 30), 5000 Penn St., 4100 Hellerman St. (Michael Ballantine, 38), 4000 Creston St. (Quinton Austin, 22), 5400 Discher St., 7100 Erdrick St. and 1600 Dyre St. (Tiylee Jones, 35).

There were 22 burglaries, most of which targeted private residences. These happened at 6600 Erdrick St., 3300 Wellington St. (Kevin Lafferty, 31), 4500 Mulberry St., 1700 Brill St., 6000 Keystone St., 1600 Granite St., 3200 Tyson Ave., 4600 Naples St., 4100 Roosevelt Blvd., 4900 Mulberry St., 1800 Church St., 2800 Bridge St. and 6800 Glenloch St. Three apartment houses were targeted at 4500 Longshore Ave., 6300 Leonard St. and 1300 Foulkrod St. Three burglaries happened on the street, at 6700 Frankford Ave., 2800 Hedley St. (Raymond F. Kirchner, 25) and 6100 Torresdale Ave. (James McNulty, 65). There were also two burglaries at bars at 7200 Frankford Ave. and 6900 Frankford Ave., and a gas station at 2500 Orthodox St.

There were 129 thefts, which targeted 52 vehicles (including nine stolen vehicle tags), 33 street thefts, 23 businesses, 12 private residences, three bicycles, a transportation terminal, an apartment house, a hospital, a public school, a daycare facility and one unspecified location. At least 65 of the thefts were of $200 or more. Eight arrests were made. In addition, 51 vehicles were reported stolen, 35 of which have been recovered. Four arrests were made. ••

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