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Meditation Column: We all share the human experience

We have more in common than we can possibly imagine; we all share the human experience.

By Patrick Kelly

Commonality; to put it simply, is things that we have in common. We often share common interests, abilities and attributes. We find ourselves drawn to people in situations, by the things we feel we have in common and are just as easily turned away when we do not find a shared interest. The reality of the situation is that we have more in common than we can possibly imagine; we all share the human experience.

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Something we have in common is joy. Joy is joy, pleasure is pleasure and fear is fear. There are, of course, different depths to each of these emotions. When I cry, it feels the same as when you cry. The reason for the tears really doesn’t matter. The shared experience is the suffering; suffering feels the same for all of us. What frightens me may not frighten you; yet the experience of fear is the same. What brings one person pleasure may not bring another person pleasure, but pleasure is pleasure. What brings you joy and what brings joy to the person next to you may be different, but the experience of joy is the same.

We are sharing the human experience. Through meditation (as we separate from the programmed conditioned mind), we tune into our true nature and find that we have more in common than we ever realized. The depths of our emotions are different, the experience is the same.

A present moment meditation; when it comes to your mind, (to practice of meditation), (do practice often), here and there. Talk to yourself about what you observe around you. The sounds, things you’re looking at, smells in the air, etc. Include the thoughts produced by your mind. Do it a few moments here and there. As you learn different meditations, you practice them here and there throughout your day. Or you don’t. It’s like you’re in training, you have a new hobby, a new interest. The result is conscious awareness.

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