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Crime Log: May 28 – June 10

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd Police District

There were 10 robberies in the area, most of which took place on the street. These took place at 6900 Large St. (May 29), the corner of Comly and Belden streets (May 31), 500 Robbins St. (May 31), 7500 Summerdale Ave. (June 3), 500 Gilham St. (June 9), 7200 Bradford St. (June 1), 400 Alcott St. (June 8) and 1500 Levick St. (June 8). A hotel/motel at 7600 Roosevelt Blvd. was robbed May 28, and a chain store at 2100 Cottman Ave. was robbed June 7.

There were 14 aggravated assaults, which resulted in five arrests. The assaults that took place on the street happened at 200 Higbee St. (Eddie Faison, 39), three times at 1400 Lardner St. (Eric Gooch, 47), 6300 Summerdale Ave., Hasbrook and Levick, 5500 Whitaker Ave. and 5700 Colgate St. (Rasheem Shamirah Cherry, 34). Assaults at private residences took place at 500 Anchor St., twice at 900 Granite St. (Juwane Barham, 41), 1500 Levick St. (Gregory Bolechowski, 47) and 600 Anchor St. There was an instance of child abuse at a public school at 1600 Cottman Ave. on June 5.

There were nine burglaries, most of which targeted private residences or apartment houses. These took place at 1400 Unruh Ave. (May 31), 5200 Montour St. (June 7), 1100 Unruh Ave. (June 8), 800 Scattergood St. (June 1), 5700 Weymouth St. (June 9), 8000 Oxford Ave. (June 1), 7700 Langdon St. (June 4). David Trujillo, 32, was arrested June 4 following a burglary of a private residence at 7900 Lawndale Ave. A church at 6700 Roosevelt Blvd. was burglarized May 31.

There were 74 thefts, which targeted 33 vehicles (including two stolen vehicle tags), 21 businesses, 15 street thefts including a pickpocketing, two private residences, an apartment house, a bicycle and a public school. Nine arrests were made. In addition, five cars were reported stolen, three of which were recovered.

7th Police District

The only robbery took place June 2 on the street of 10900 Bustleton Ave. and involved a handgun. There were two arrests made, including Nick Filatkin, 19.

There were four aggravated assaults, which resulted in two arrests. Leonard Moore, 61, was arrested May 29 following an assault involving a knife on the street of 11500 Roosevelt Blvd. Miguel Garcia, 49, was arrested June 5 following a domestic assault on the street of 900 Hoffnagle St. There was an assault involving a handgun on the street of 8200 Castor Ave. on June 6, and a domestic assault at an apartment house at 600 Red Lion Road on June 1.

Almost all of the seven burglaries targeted apartment houses or private residences. These took place at 10100 Northeast Blvd. (May 31), 200 Nandina Place (June 10), 10800 Parlin Terrace (June 2), 13300 Susan Terrace (June 5), 1900 Goodnaw St. (June 4) and 8000 Lawndale St. (May 30). A restaurant at 500 Hoffnagle St. was burglarized May 30.

There were 32 thefts, which targeted 13 vehicles (including one stolen vehicle tag), 11 businesses, four street thefts, three private residences and one unspecified location. Three arrests were made. In addition, six motor vehicles were reported stolen, five of which were recovered.

8th Police District

There were nine robberies, which yielded three arrests. Megan Wood, 36, was arrested June 8 following two robberies — one at Knights and Woodhaven roads, and one at a private residence at 3300 Gurley Road. Kyle Black, 18, was arrested after a robbery of a vehicle with a handgun on the street of 2600 Sperry St. on May 31. Raymond Packard, 35, was arrested June 1 after a robbery at a food store at 9900 Frankford Ave. Other robberies took place on the street at 8000 Torresdale Ave. (June 2), 3500 Academy Road (June 3), 12400 Nanton Drive (May 29), 3400 Aubrey Ave. (June 10) and an apartment house at 2600 Willits Road (June 6).

There were nine aggravated assaults, which yielded seven arrests. Assaults took place at apartment houses at 3300 Glenbrook Place on June 3 (Michael Lappe, 40) and 2500 Welsh Road on June 10 (Jamie Flowers, 28), and private residences at 2800 Maxwell St. involving a knife on June 6 and 3100 Willits Road on May 28. Two more took place on the street at 2800 Norcom Road on May 28 and 4400 Tolbut St. on June 1 (Florence Purvis, 63 and Cinnmaon Purvis-Gilliam, 41). There were two assaults at a public school at 2800 Welsh Road on June 6, which resulted in the arrests of Louis Darnell Kennedy, 28, and Nicole Myers, 46. In addition, there was an assault at a prison facility at 8200 State Road on May 29.

Of the eight burglaries, almost all targeted apartment houses or private residences. These took place at 9600 Ashton Road (May 29), 9400 Lansford St. (June 6), 8200 Frankford Ave. (June 2), 2700 Axe Factory Road (June 1), 9600 Ashton Road (June 2), 3800 Chalfont Drive (June 2) and 9900 Academy Road (June 10). A barber shop/beauty salon was burglarized May 28 on Old Ashton Road.

There were 52 thefts, which targeted 24 businesses, 14 vehicles (included two stolen vehicle tags), seven street thefts (including one purse snatching), three private residences, two apartment houses, a bank and a SEPTA bus/trolley. Eight arrests were made. In addition, six vehicles were reported stolen, three of which have been recovered. One arrest was made.

15th Police District

There were 13 robberies. Richard Lighty, 19, Marcus McGill, 25, and Maurice Rodriguez, 27, were arrested June 2 following a robbery on the street at 5200 Penn St. Other robberies on the street included 5800 Frankford Ave. (June 3), 1100 Fillmore St. (June 5), 1500 Pratt St. (June 5), Torresdale Avenue and Margaret Street (June 30), Algard Street and Cottman Avenue (June 7), and a cargo robbery at 4600 Castor Ave. (May 31). Derrick Carter, 26, was arrested following a robbery at 5000 Oxford Ave., and Samual Thomas, 23, and Brianna Westerfer, 28, were arrested June 8 following a robbery at 4700 Aramingo Ave. Isaiah Young, 27, was arrested following a vehicle robbery at 4700 Frankford Ave. on June 8. Robberies at private residences included 4200 E. Cheltenham Ave. (June 2) and 5100 Pennway St. (June 5), which resulted in the arrest of Emiliano Martinez, 51. A mini market at 1400 Adams Ave. was targeted June 7.

There were 29 aggravated assaults, which yielded 11 arrests. Most of the assaults took place on the street at 4700 Valley Place (David Parson, 38), twice at 6000 Torresdale Ave. (Christopher Knight, 34), 4600 Magee Ave., 3400 Tudor St. (Cara Hobson, 24, and Michael O’Neill, 24), 2000 E. Cheltenham Ave., 1500 Dyre St., 4300 Benner St., 3300 Tyson Ave., 7000 Frankford Ave., 6900 Frankford Ave., 4700 Oxford Ave. (Marquetta Harris, 39), 4600 Magee Ave., 5000 Mulberry St. (Patrick Gilmore, 56), 1500 Foulkrod St. (Destiny Stanley, 18), 4200 Knorr St., twice at 5400 Sylvester St., 4600 Magee Ave., 1900 Church St. and 5900 Penn St. (John Omar Lillte, 25). Other assaults took place at private residences or apartment houses at 4800 Griscom St., 3900 Roosevelt Blvd. (Michelle Horton, 30), 4300 Richmond St., 6800 Ditman St., 6300 Algard St. (Tenia Stuckey, 40) and 2100 Bridge St. There were also assaults at a public school at 2800 Jenks St. on June 7 and a retail place at 7500 Battersby St. on June 1.

There were 14 burglaries, most of which targeted private residences. These took place at 7200 Jackson St. (May 30), 4500 Richmond St. (June 2), 4500 Tackawanna St. (June 3), 1400 Deal St. (June 5, which resulted in the arrest of Shawn Little, 28), 1700 Wakeling St. (June 5), 5300 Lesher St. (June 6), 4100 Stirling St. (June 6, Kierstyn Degnan, 25), 4300 Paul St. (June 2), 7200 Brous Ave. (June 1) and 4700 Vista St. (May 28). Others took place at a chain store at 6800 Torresdale Ave. (May 29), a restaurant at 6600 Frankford Ave. (June 3), a public school at 6500 New State Road (June 2, Michael Carroll, 48), and 4900 Friendship St. (June 4, Shawna Carney, 42).

There were 121 thefts, which targeted 60 vehicles (including eight stolen vehicle tags), 27 businesses, 15 street thefts including a pickpocketing, nine bicycles, seven private residences, one SEPTA property, a public school and a check cashing agency. Eighteen arrests were made. In addition, 42 vehicles were reported stolen, 26 of which have been recovered. One arrest was made. ••

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