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Meditation Column: Love is important to keep us feeling happy

“Love is. We are. You are.”

By Patrick Kelly

Words, simply put, are an element of speech that can be used alone or together to express an idea or thought. Words often point to an explanation, a meaning of something, a definition, even the expression of an emotion. Through meditation, we learn how words can often be limiting; we come to the realization that, often times, words merely point.

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The student sat with the Guru and said, “Teacher, what can you tell me about love?”

And the Guru replied, “Tell me, what do you know about love.”

And for the next 20 minutes, the student explained his definition of love. When he was finished, he said, “No matter how many words that I use to try and define love, I come to the conclusion that the words only point, one must experience love to know love. The true experience of love is beyond words.”

The Guru smiled and replied, “Love is. We are. You are.”

Interestingly enough, it is similar to the experience of presence that is achieved through meditation. I can give you many words to describe the conscious state of being, and the words will help, but true conscious presence must be experienced to be known.

A simple meditation, here and there, now and then, when it comes to your mind, or not, bring your attention to the words you use to describe things. See for yourself if the words you use truly convey the emotions and feelings behind the thought that you’re trying to express. As we move forward to a more conscious state of being (through meditation), our knowledge of the limitation of words leads us to a broader understanding of the human experience. We realize how often we limit our understanding of our own human experience through the finality of thought. It’s a new day, your day…

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