Prison population declining sharply

The prison population has declined from 8,201 to 5,198 in the last few years.


Blanche Carney, commissioner of the city Department of Prisons, paid a visit to last week’s Holmesburg Civic Association meeting.

Carney explained that, in the last few years, the prison population has declined from 8,201 to 5,198. She said the prime reason for the decrease was the release of low-risk offenders awaiting trial.

The commissioner said the population could decrease further if the district attorney’s office continues to not seek cash bail for nonviolent offenders.

Carney also mentioned the recently closed House of Correction. A contractor will issue a report on the empty building by December, and demolition is possible.

Other speakers at the June 12 meeting were Colleen King, manager of the Philadelphia Federal Credit Union branch at 8025 Roosevelt Blvd., and Emily Schapira, executive director of the Philadelphia Energy Authority.

Holmesburg Civic Association will hold a free rain barrel workshop on Tuesday, July 31, at 7 p.m. at Holmesburg Recreation Center, at Rhawn and Ditman streets. ••