Meditation can help deal with the stress of life

It’s a new day. Be aware when you are dealing with your fellow humans.

That’s a stretch: Humans can get a lot out of taking time each day to think and relax. SOURCE: METRO IMAGES

By Patrick Kelly

Human beings, humans, are quite distinguished from other animals of the animal kingdom.

We have an erect posture and walk on two legs, we have a high level of ability to use tools and manual dexterity that surpasses other creatures of the animal kingdom, we have the capacity to form complex languages, trend toward forming large societies and also an aptitude to use a large amount of our brains. As humans, we share a multitude of common characteristics, which includes our emotional reaction to societal norms. (Read more on commonality.)

It’s a new day. Be aware when you are dealing with your fellow humans.

We often ask how or why they do what they do. When we do this, expectation seeps in, creating more conflict for us.

It’s as if our questions will change the person. Sometimes, dropping the questions allows us to see the individual clearly.

We then say, this is how they are, this is what they do. We can then deal with them from a conscious point of view.

This leads to handling them better. It also works for many of life’s situations and on ourselves.

The hows and whys are great for learning; Yet, there is a difference between questioning, which creates more conflict in our lives and questioning, which leads to understanding.

There is a difference. The present mind learns to recognize these differences, and real change comes to the forefront in our lives. It’s your day.

A simple meditation, when it comes to your mind, throughout your day, here and there, take a moment before you question someone or something. If you can, run the question through your mind before it leaves your lips.

Mediate for a moment on whether the question will enhance the moment or situation or whether the question leads to misunderstanding. Often times, you may find that the questioning can lead to a mind-made expectation that creates conflict with the moment.

Make today the best day of your life. ••

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