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Meditation Column: Embrace the power of an open mind

We all teach in one way or another, some way or another, throughout our lives.

By Patrick Kelly

Student; one who learns. There are many names for student: pupil, disciple, apprentice, etc. Simply defined, a student is an individual who specifically acquires knowledge of a particular subject (or any subject) or one who studies that which is already known in order to acquire different levels of understanding and even consciousness.

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The student and the teacher are the lesson. We all teach in one way or another, some way or another, throughout our lives; we guide each other, share our thoughts, our knowledge and our wisdom. It’s like, as human beings, we are in this process of teaching and learning, and learning and teaching… As we learn from the teacher as the student, we absorb knowledge and understanding from their lessons. As we repeat the knowledge as the teacher, it settles in our mind differently. We are teaching and learning at the same time. Be good students, but just as importantly, be good teachers.

A simple meditation. Be aware, here and there, when you remember to observe how often you’re learning something and habitually tell yourself. “I already knew that,” or, “That’s old news.” Often times, when we are busy acknowledging what we think we already know, we may be missing something we have yet to learn. It’s a new day! ••

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