Bustleton dispensary plans to open mid-July

Holistic Pharma’s medical marijuana dispensary, Liberty, will open around July 16. Residents have expressed dissatisfaction.

After multiple delays, Holistic Pharma’s imminent 8900 Krewstown Road medical marijuana dispensary finally has a name and an (approximate) opening date.

The dispensary, to be named Liberty, will open approximately July 16.

There will be no opening ceremony or ribbon cutting until Holistic Pharma’s other locations (Bensalem and West Norriton) are both open in the fall, said Keith Morgan, a representative for the company.

At the June 27 Greater Bustleton Civic League meeting, president Jack O’Hara expressed disapproval of information he had received about the building’s renovations. During their ongoing conversation that reaches back to last July, O’Hara had frequently iterated he wanted the building to be a “golden standard” and to be an enhancement to the abandoned Wawa building.

“An old Wawa with a new paint job isn’t going to fly, in my book,” O’Hara said.

He was sent a list of improvements being made to the building, which include the front stone being whitewashed, the lot being coated in new blacktop, newly painted parking lines, new sleeves for parking bollards, the corner property sign being revamped, the corner island having new landscaping and the entrance doors being electrostatically painted.

“We made commitment to Jack and enhance the appearance of the building, and we’re definitely doing that,” Morgan told the Times. He was not invited to speak at the GBCL meeting. “[The building is] not finished yet. There was either a misunderstanding or miscommunication.”

O’Hara had been sent renderings of what the dispensary might look like, which he displayed in a previous meeting. Those renderings, which featured a wooden decal wrapping around the building’s exterior, do not match up with the information O’Hara received.

Neighbors weren’t pleased by the news.

“I’m definitely disappointed,” a GBCL member told the Times. “They stood here in front of us and said exactly what they were going to do, and the fact they are going back on that before they’ve even moved in is disappointing.”

O’Hara made sure to emphasize renovations are still underway.

“It may turn out spectacular, but after a couple conversations today I am not feeling good about it,” he said.

In other news from the meeting:

• Capt. Robert Ritchie, commander of the 7th Police District, delivered a few updates. An older man was shot at the 7-Eleven at 1900 Welsh Road by a burglar on Sunday. Ritchie said the man shot was the 7-Eleven owner, was shot in the chest twice, and is expected to live.

Ritchie also sent a clear message to 2013–2018 Honda Accord owners: those vehicles are being specifically targeted by people stealing tire rims. He recounted having tire rims from four vehicles stolen in one day. They are going after vehicles with 16- to 17-inch tires — Ritchie said they are not targeting vehicles with standard tires. He sent officers out to leave fliers warning owners of the vehicles of the threat.

Those with garages should be sure to park those models there. He also recommends securing aftermarket wheel locks.

“Please spread the word,” he said. “They are simply targeting our area.”

• The 7th District Second Annual Community Day will be held Saturday, Aug. 4, from noon to 3 p.m. at 1701 Bowler St. It will feature first responders from the police and fire departments and have vehicles on display. There will be mounted patrol, information tables, refreshments, VIN etching, baskets and giveaways and a DJ. GBCL donated paper products.

• Neighbors learned how to stay safe from ticks and mosquitoes just as Fox Chase neighbors had at their meeting.

• Construction on the Bustleton Bengals gym is underway at long last.

• This was the last GBCL meeting for the summer. The next meeting will be Sept. 26 at the American Heritage Federal Credit Union. ••