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Meditation Column: Time to find your serenity

Take a moment to meditate on the stillness under the sounds you hear and the things you see in motion.

By Patrick Kelly

Stillness; simply defined, is the absence of movement or sound. There is a calm to stillness. A serenity, so to speak. The place of silence and motionlessness is easy to observe. As we move forward in meditation, we become aware of a place of presence, which includes the stillness behind the thoughts produced in our mind by the thought stream.

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The student said to the teacher, “My mind is always in motion. I do as you instruct, I meditate on the stillness in nature, the rocks, the trees, the creatures, the calm silent moments. Despite these observations, I am aware of the consistent noise in my mind. My mind is rarely still.”

The teacher responded, “As you observe the noise in your mind, become aware of the part of your being which is observing the rumblings of the thought stream, that part of you is still.”

A meditation: When it comes to your mind, here and there, throughout your day, take a moment to meditate on the stillness under the sounds you hear and the things you see in motion. It is as if you are tuning into the silence under the noise. Make no attempt to interrupt the sounds, simply tune into the stillness underneath everything you observe. Practice bringing this meditation into your mind. Observe the stream of thought while you bring your awareness to the stillness and the silence underneath it. The observing presence is you. It’s your day…••

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