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Movie tells the true story of pro wrestling

350 Days will highlight what life as a professional wrestler is truly like, and will release in local theaters.

Bret Hart will be featured in the movie 350 Days, which will be released Thursday on a limited run. SUPPLIED PHOTO

Give them two hours and five minutes, they’ll give you 350 days of the world of professional wrestling.

That’s the plan for Thursday night, when 350 Days, a documentary about professional wrestling, is released.

The movie, which will be out for a limited run on Thursday and will be shown at 10 theaters across the Delaware Valley, including the AMC Neshaminy and Regal Riverview Plaza 17 in South Philly, truly lets you see what it’s like to be a professional wrestler.

And that’s because it has so many stars of the industry, and also has the associate producer of The Wrestler, the 2008 hit movie starring Mickey Rourke.

“After the critical success of The Wrestler, I was leery of attaching my name to another wrestling-related project, as I felt it would pale in comparison,” said Evan Ginzburg, also the associated producer of 350 Days. ”But 350 Days is a film with a kindred spirit, honoring these men and women who sacrificed so mightily to entertain us. It will both entertain and move folks, whether they are wrestling fans or not.”

While this movie may be best for hardcore fans, even casual fans of the sport will know the stars included in the movie.

And even people who aren’t wrestling enthusiasts will probably find the life of a professional wrestler to be fascinating. And it’s not just the stars. Every pro wrestler has a story to tell, and this movie features some of the all-time greats telling their story.

Famous wrestlers, including Bret Hart, Superstar Billy Graham, Wendi Richter and Paul “Mr. Wonderful” Orndorff, are among the stars featured in this movie. It shows the sacrifices the wrestlers make to succeed in the grueling sport.

Not only are these men and women beating up their bodies in the ring, they are always on the road, going from town to town to entertain their fans. That means many times missing important events at home.

It takes its toll on their bodies, as well as their personal lives, but it’s not something they regret.

They are born to do this, but that doesn’t make it any easier..

“I wanted to show the world what these wrestlers went through. I’m sure fans think it was some glamorous lifestyle,” said Fulvio Cecere, a director and producer of the movie. “This documentary debunks those myths.”

The event, which begins at 7 p.m., will be capped off by a presentation by JJ Dillon, the Trenton native who went on to be one of the top managers in the sport, leading the Four Horsemen during their heyday. Dillon will talk about the movie, as well as address the current state of the industry.

Professional wrestling has rabid fans and it also has its share of detractors. This movie tackles both sides and does its best to give a fair look at the sport. Or should we say sports entertainment.

This movie also shows the trials and tribulations of the sport. It’s glamorous when you’re dropping an elbow from the top rope, but when the lights are turned off and the show is over, it sometimes isn’t as fun.

“I wanted to preserve the history of this colorful wrestling business and tragically I was right, so many of the legends we interviewed during our five -year journey in making this film have left us; in many cases, we have their very last interviews,” said executive producer Darren Antola.

For more on 350 Days or to buy tickets, visit www.FathomEvents.com

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