Letters to the Editor: July 16, 2018

Northeast Philadelphia residents discuss Grant Avenue and call for Mayor Kenney’s resignation.

Remove Kenney from office

Jim “More Taxes” Kenney is a disgrace to be called our mayor. He should be removed from office because he has no concept of properly using the people’s money. He is ultimately responsible for the loss of $33 million or whatever the amount. He has no idea what a dollar is worth to the taxpayers. It’s not his, so what does he care?

Recently, some Council members have said, the jail population is down some 35 percent, yet “More Taxes” wants more money when the budget should be reduced. The additional taxes he wants for education are a joke. It is usually added to the city general budget, not the school budget. “More Taxes” is using the taxpayers as pawns and scaring the parents.

The school budget should be reduced, not increased for some of the following reasons:

When the number of students in the public school system is reduced, because of charter schools, then staffing and buildings should be reduced.

Why isn’t Strawberry Mansion High School being closed when the student population is extremely low for the size of the building? I think Superintendent William Hite should close the building to save money. This is only one school, but I am sure there are others that should be closed.

Currently, Hite has 395 employees earning six figures, not including benefits that are at least another 33 percent. The top 12 employees earn a combined $1.64 million. Why? Every student movement to a charter school should equate to a reduction in employees, and the number of six-figure salaries. Does a reduction ever happen?

Let’s reevaluate our spending waste before any new taxes are considered. Let’s find the missing money, collect unpaid taxes on a timely basis and rid the city of fraud.

I don’t believe “More Taxes” Kenney is capable of doing this. The city of Philadelphia residents deserve more and not “More Taxes.”

Joseph Gessner


Will our society collapse?

History tells us that the greatest empire of the times was the Roman Empire. It also states that the empire collapsed because of three things: the spreading of their troops too thin, the complete breakdown of morality and corruption of public officials.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?

Joseph Casee

Fox Chase

Suggestions for Grant Ave.

The following letters are in response to Helene Nestel’s Letter to the Editor, “Put Boscov’s on Grant Ave.,” published on June 27:

I totally agree with previous women who wrote in to complain about this detriment to our neighborhood.

I was told months ago by the Realtor that the Union League Golf Club had purchased this property. They, at that time, were planning on using the ground to build their maintenance facilities.

I was also informed that several restaurants were considering the property, but decided they would rather be on the other side of the Boulevard. Something must be done soon with this disgusting-looking eyesore. It is an embarrassment to our community and very depressing to look at as we pull onto Grant Avenue from our neighborhood.

So I guess we give up our dreams for something to be built there that would benefit all of us. Very disappointing.

Becky Wisniewski


May I please suggest a Trader Joe’s instead. There are none in the area. Also, try Philadelphia Mills, there are two nice-sized vacancies there, or Neshaminy Mall at the former Macy’s.

Len Hartman


Looking for old-time picture

Almost 40 years ago, my wife went to school at a medical and dental assistant academy at Harbison Avenue and Roosevelt Boulevard. They moved years later to Grant Avenue and Academy Road.

A few years back, my granddaughter went to school there and saw grandmom’s picture hanging in the hallway. When I went there to see it, they were closed. The man didn’t tell me they were moving. I have searched so many places by car, phone and internet with no luck.

We weren’t married yet, so her name could be her first married name or her maiden name, Lillian Zayas or Lillian Mendes. If anyone has any idea where the picture may be, please help me before I leave.

Rus Slawter