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Letters to the Editor: July 26

Northeast residents discuss differing views on the president, helping veterans and Made in America’s parkway eviction.

Donald Trump is a disgrace

Isn’t it about time for the enablers in Congress to move away from this president, who is a disgrace to the office he holds? His cabinet, for the most part, are self-serving, and many of them are not qualified for the positions they are holding.

I firmly believe the day will come when the truth will come out about the Russian interference and the money transactions that are so suspicious. When this happens, I hope that it isn’t too late. Our allies have misgivings, our enemies could become more emboldened.

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In the meantime, climate change is real — just look at the floods, the earthquakes, the temperature fluctuations. Anything that had the endorsement of the previous administration, he shows his contempt. Donald Trump is only concerned about making millions and his family. He just wants adulation.

His so-called “base” better wake up and realize this man they support doesn’t care about them. He is the snake-oil salesman of the old days who sold people a worthless bottle. To make America great again, we need new leadership.

Sadly, the vice president wouldn’t be too much better with his vision on immigration, LGBT rights and climate change, among the most important issues we face today.

I pray our country can survive the next few years for the sake of my children and grandchildren.

Ida Polin


Respect President Trump

I’m 95 years old, born during the Great Depression and am a World War II vet.

While growing up, we were led to believe that President Hoover was responsible for the Depression. Upon reaching voting age, I registered and voted Democrat. During the following election, I realized that I was neither liberal nor conservative. Most of my votes to today were split between both parties.

When Bill Clinton signed NAFTA, which led to an exodus of American jobs, I changed my registration.

I voted for Kasich in the primary. Having lost all respect for the Clintons, I voted for Trump in the general election.

During my 78-plus years of eligible elections, I always had respect for the winners in all contests.

Trump has three years left in his first term.

Will you acknowledge his accomplishments or try to destroy him?

Walter Blowitski


Vets need healthcare help

In response to David Torres’ Letter to the Editor, “Why oppose veteran bill?” published on June 20:

I was on vacation and just read about Brendan Boyle voting against the VA MISSION Act, which would allow veterans to go to a private-sector doctor if the VA takes too long to get the healthcare the veterans need.

Has Mr. Boyle ever been to the VA?

There are many many doctors there who do a good job for me in Philadelphia and the Horsham/Willow Grove office.

But has Mr. Boyle ever had to wait more than a reasonable amount of time for a doctor because they are so overwhelmed?

Has he had to wait and be told two weeks later that the medicine I needed has to be ordered by a certain doctor and that doctor who had the order has not been there for two weeks?

Mr. Boyle has the stones to vote against something that is there to help the vets who have provided a safe country for him to have the job that he has.

Robert W. McCann

Navy veteran, Rhawnhurst

Some advice for Jay-Z

Another blunder by this city’s administration is the handling of the 2019 Made In America concert.

It feels like Mayor Kenney is saying we’re done with you, be gone. It’s not like the city doesn’t need the income.

Now, Jay-Z knows how it feels to be a citizen of this fine city. We don’t get a reasonable response, either. If Jay-Z really wants to get in to see Kenney, tell him to hire an illegal immigrant as an agent and he’ll definitely get in to see him.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale

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