There are many ways to improve your life’s quality

Mind your MERHNs (Meditation, Exercise, Relaxation, Hydration, Nutrition).

That’s a stretch: Meditation, Exercise, Relaxation, Hydration and Nutrition are keys to living a healthy, successful life. SOURCE: METRO IMAGES

By Patrick Kelly

Holistic, from a Zen approach, when applied to wellbeing, means we are approaching ourselves from different angles. We are bringing our awareness to our meditations, exercise, rest, hydration and nutrition.

Meditation, of course, changes everything. Meditation separates our true being from the workings of the stream of thought, the programmed conditioned mind. Mild exercise helps to alleviate stress and anxiety. The negative effects caused by lack of sleep and improper rest are well documented. A feeling of anxiety, unattached to any situation, is one of the top signs of dehydration. Improper nutrition from a diet filled with chemicals, pesticides, etc. has a negative effect on the functions of our brain. Therefore, as we move forward, we bring our attention to the importance of a holistic approach to our wellbeing. If we take care of our mind, the body will follow; if we take care of our body, our mind will follow.

The patient said to the psychiatrist, “I’m always anxious and I have no idea why? I feel like something is wrong all the time, but everything is OK.”

The psychiatrist responded, “How is your MERHN?” (Meditation, Exercise, Relaxation, Hydration, Nutrition).

The patient said, “Well, I drank a glass of water yesterday,”

We are responsible for doing whatever we can, within our power, to improve the quality of our lives. Throughout our lives, there are outside influences, happenings, diseases, etc. that are beyond our control; yet, we have the opportunity to do everything within our power to take care of ourselves. Mind your MERHNs.

A simple meditation: When it comes to your mind, here and there, throughout your day, bring your attention to how you feel, mentally as well as physically. Are you hydrated? Are you eating well today? Did you take a few moments to stretch or maybe do a little light exercise? Have you taken a little time to sit and rest? Most importantly, did you practice some meditations today? It’s a new day! The best of your life. ••

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