Crime Log: July 23 -Aug. 5

The Northeast Times provides an overview of crimes reported to the four police districts in the Northeast. The details are based on reports compiled by the Northeast Detectives division of the Philadelphia Police Department.

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd Police District

There were seven robberies, most of which took place on the street. These happened at 1100 Gilham St. (July 28), 5600 Rising Sun Ave. (Aug. 2), 6700 Rutland St. (Aug. 5), 500 Adams Ave. (July 25) and 7900 Bustleton Ave. (Aug. 5). The first three incidents involved handguns. A restaurant at 2000 Cottman Ave. was robbed July 23, and a chain retail store at 700 Adams Ave. was robbed with a knife July 25.

There were 14 aggravated assaults, which yielded four arrests. Assaults that took place on the street happened at 800 Brighton St. (July 26, Kristen Pinckney, 35), 800 Passmore St. (July 30), 1700 Napfle St. (Aug. 4, Dennis Hamrick, 56), 1400 Lardner St. (July 26), 7600 Castor Ave. (July 23), 600 Princeton Ave. (July 29), 6200 Langdon St. (July 30, Kersait Zamor, 36), twice at 1300 Kerper St. (Aug. 4) and 4800 Summerdale Ave. (Aug. 5). Others took place at private residences at 800 Carver St. (Aug. 4), 1400 Lardner St. (July 27), an apartment house at 400 E. Godfrey Ave. (July 27) and a retail store at 7200 Bustleton Ave. (July 24, Idriz Abdyli, 55).

There were eight burglaries, almost all of which targeted private residences. These happened at 800 Scattergood St. (July 23), 1200 Elbridge St. (July 31), 500 Alcott St. (July 24), 7700 Langdon St. (July 30), 5500 Loretto Ave. (Aug. 4) and two attempts at 6400 Akron St. (July 24) and 900 Anchor St. (Aug 1). An apartment house at 1400 Hellerman St. was burglarized Aug. 3.

There were 70 thefts, which targeted 30 businesses, 26 vehicles (including a stolen vehicle tag), five street thefts, four private residences, two apartment houses, a bicycle, a hospital and a church. Twelve arrests were made. In addition, 16 vehicles were reported stolen, eight of which have been recovered.

7th Police District

There were no reported robberies.

Two aggravated assaults were reported. Jose Montanez, 61, was arrested following a domestic assault at an apartment house at 1800 Benton Ave. on Aug. 4. Another assault involving a knife took place on the street at 15000 Bustleton Ave. on Aug. 3.

There were five burglaries. Private residences were targeted at 1200 Stanwood St. (Aug. 2) and 800 Halstead St. (July 23). Apartment houses were targeted at 600 Red Lion Road (Aug. 1) and 9100 Old Newtown Road (July 23). A car wash at 1900 Grant Ave. was burglarized July 31.

There were 31 thefts, which targeted 15 vehicles (including a stolen vehicle tag), eight businesses, four street thefts, two private residences, an apartment house and a bicycle. Five arrests were made. In addition, five vehicles were reported stolen, three of which have been recovered. One arrest was made.

8th Police District

There were five robberies, which largely targeted banks. A bank at 2500 Welsh Road was robbed July 23, and then a bank at 2400 Welsh Road was robbed with a handgun July 25. Roger Day, 48, was arrested July 27 following a bank robbery at 9100 Roosevelt Blvd. Two private residences were robbed at 2700 Fuller St. (July 30) and 9900 S. Canterbury Road (Aug. 5).

Both aggravated assaults took place on the street. Brian Bish, 35, was arrested Aug. 5 following an assault at 2900 Secane Drive. The other assault took place at 9100 Delaware Ave. on July 28.

There were four burglaries. Two took place at private residences at 3400 Holyoke Road (Aug. 4) and 3800 Andrea Road (Aug. 4). An apartment house at 3100 Grant Ave. was burglarized July 25. A factory or warehouse at 8700 Torresdale Road was burglarized July 29.

There were 57 thefts, which targeted 24 vehicles (including a stolen vehicle tag), 20 businesses, seven street thefts, three private residences, a bicycle, a mental institution and a nursing/retirement home. Eight arrests were made. In addition, 10 vehicles were reported stolen, six of which have been recovered.

15th Police District

There were 19 robberies. A robbery involving a handgun at a private residence at 4200 Decatur St. on July 27 resulted in five arrests. Robberies on the street took place at the corner of Princeton Avenue and Marsden Street (July 25), 3100 Princeton Ave. (July 29, Matthew Charles Payne, 20), the corner of Large and Bridge streets (July 30), 4700 Leiper St. (Aug. 4), 4700 Frankford Ave. (July 23), 4900 Frankford Ave. (July 29) and 6900 Frankford Ave. (Aug. 2). Businesses targeted included a restaurant at 5400 Oxford Ave. (July 23), a chain retail store at 7400 Frankford Ave. (July 31), a food store at 5200 Harbison Ave. (Aug. 5), a food store at 5200 Oxford Ave. (Aug. 5), a retail chain store at Cottman and Torresdale avenues (July 27), a mini market at 5400 Erdrick St. (July 24) and a food store at 7100 Frankford Ave. (Aug. 1). Private residences were robbed at 1300 Sellers St. (July 28) and 5800 Keystone St. (Aug. 5). Two banks were robbed at 6600 Roosevelt Blvd. (Aug. 1) and 6400 Frankford Ave. (Aug. 3).

There were 15 aggravated assaults, which yielded four arrests. Most of these took place on the street at 1900 Briggs St. (July 29), 1400 E. Cheltenham Ave. (July 29), 5500 Torresdale Ave. (July 29), 5900 Tacony St. (July 27), three times at 1700 Dyre St. (July 23), 5200 Oakland St. (July 28), 1500 Adams Ave. (July 28, Aboubacar Bah, 56, and Christopher Nadal, 19), 4900 Frankford Ave. (July 27, Brandon Stewart, 33), 5400 Erdrick St. (Aug. 3), and an assault against a police officer at 2700 N. Delaware Expressway (July 27, Zena Lilly, 47). The rest took place at private residences at 4700 Worth St. (July 23), 6100 Montague St. (July 30) and 1700 Scattergood St. (Aug. 5, Tyrese Jarrett, 39).

There were 18 burglaries, most of which targeted private residences. These happened at 1000 Herbert St. (July 24, Markeith Cintron, 22), 7100 Edmund St. (July 29), 1600 Church St. (Aug. 4), 2000 McKinley St. (July 23), 4700 Howell St. (July 24), 1400 Adams Ave. (July 26), 2100 Anchor St. (July 30), 1500 Church St. (July 30), 1800 Foulkrod St. (July 31), 2000 Haworth St. (Aug. 5), 4100 Rhawn St. (July 29), 6300 Leonard St. (July 30, Bridget Gioiosa, 39 and Walker Michael, 61), 4600 Worth St. (Aug. 3, Brittany Britton, 29), and 2800 Stevens St. (July 27). The rest took place at apartment houses at 4600 Leiper St. (July 26, Nyeem Wingfield, 28) and 4700 Longshore Ave. (Aug. 4, Jose Gonzalez, 42), and twice at a private school at 1500 Orthodox St. (July 30 and Aug. 1).

There were 105 thefts, which targeted 47 vehicles (including eight stolen vehicle tags), 22 businesses, 21 street thefts, eight private residences, six bicycles and an unlisted location. Thirteen arrests were made. In addition, 46 vehicles were reported stolen, 27 of which have been recovered. Four arrests were made.