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Meditation Column: A positive outlook on life can have a great impact

The experience of the glory and grace of all creation is already yours.

By Patrick Kelly

“Good news.” Defining “good news” is rather simple, almost self-explanatory. Good news is good news. It’s an event or the knowledge of something that you label as positive or good. The evangelist speaks of the “Good News” as the knowledge of the coming of the Kingdom of God, which is really good news for the devout and theologians. Keep in mind that the labeling is subjective to the human being. You have heard it before: What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. Meaning, what is good news to some is also good news to others. In the state of conscious awareness, we understand that nothing is really good or bad, it just is. And that’s OK.

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Often times, our religions tell us there is good news, a level of peace and joy achievable through faith and grace, yet they neglect to tell us how to achieve these goals. I have some good news for you. The experience of the glory and grace of all creation is already yours. It is clouded by the workings of your overactive and often all-consuming mind. There is another way to live your life, through mindful awareness and the conscience experience of what it is to be human. There is a way to separate yourself from the often negative workings of your mind. To silence your thoughts (those you are not in control of) so that your mind is free to experience the true nature of your being. And if not to silence them, at least achieve a level of conscious awareness so that they have less negative effect on you. Your true nature is one of peace, love and joy. The good news I tell you today is: The cure for the majority of your mental anguish is simplistic and waiting for you. Learn and practice mindfulness, awareness and meditation. If you don’t know how, learn. If you’re not ready, then let the sufferings of your mind lead you to the moment you are.

A simple meditation: Throughout your day, here and there, when it comes to mind or not, bring your attention to how you label the news that you hear. Be aware of how your mind labels it as good or bad. Take a moment. Think. (There is a difference between purposeful thinking and the stream of thought.) If you were in a different mood, would that cause you to label the moment differently? If your mind adds non-applicable thoughts to the moment, bring your attention back to the observation of how you’re labeling the news. Remember, nothing is inherently good or bad. Things just are. It’s a new day. Your day. ••

For more on this topic and meditation practices, visit wakingupwithpatrick.com

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