Volunteers clean up Torresdale Avenue

The volunteers removed 42 bags of trash, including car parts, a mechanical dog and a jar of Grandma’s molasses.

The Friends of Pennypack Park recently cleaned a portion of Torresdale Avenue.

Twenty-two members and other volunteers removed 42 bags of trash, three bags of cans, six tires, four treads, two shopping carts (one from PetSmart, the other from ShopRite) and a bevy of mangled items.

The following people contributed: Felicia Porrazza and Amanda Bates, from the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce’s Young Leadership Network; Jeanne Capone, of the Friends of Poquessing Watershed; Louise Susner; John Broscius; Linda Davies; Tim McAndrews; Edward C. Davis; Robert McMunn; Drew Brownlow; Dean Lynd; Ralph Smith; Karen Kaczorek; Ken Lewis; Jason Trenchard; Roland Williams; Alan Kaminsky; Joyce Ferrero; Kevin Sweetra; George Scholl; Audrey Walmsley; and Nance Kerns.

The group thanks Jim Hunsburger and Anthony Toro, of the city Department of Parks and Recreation, for promptly removing the trash pile.

The trash pile included a piece of a rain gutter; a pillow; a rolling suitcase; the children’s book My World of Animals, from Chik-fil-A; a dinner knife; a piece of a concrete fountain; two broken chairs; a work glove; a pair of eyeglasses; a shamrock necklace; a wallet and cell phone turned in to the 8th Police District; a pair of men’s cargo shorts; a pair of sports socks; a wig; two broken umbrellas; a paw-shaped dog toy; a golf ball; a battered baseball; a sleeping bag; a tent; a plastic fish from a fishing game; a toy mechanical dog; a bicycle seat; miscellaneous car body parts; a car key; a piece of electric cable; a cross bar from an electric pole; a railroad track plate; a jar of Grandma’s molasses; a 50-gallon blue barrel with the top cut off; and a portable basketball hoop.

Anyone who sees illegal dumping should call 911.

The next cleanup will be on Saturday, Aug. 25, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. It will start where the creek crosses Holme Avenue, just west of Holme and Winchester avenues, right next to Nazareth Hospital.

Minors must be accompanied by an adult.

Call 215–934–7275. ••