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Crime Log: Sept. 3 – 16

As reported by Northeast Detectives. Does not include homicides, sexual assaults, narcotics offenses or other specific crimes investigated by special police units. All locations listed by block, not by exact address.

2nd Police District

There were five robberies, all of which took place on the street. These took place at 1200 Unruh Ave. (Sept. 14) involving a handgun, Rising Sun and Adams avenues (Sept. 4) involving a knife, 7100 Castor Ave. (Sept. 9) involving a knife, 800 Sanger St. (Sept. 6) and a vehicle robbery at 5900 Frontenac St. (Sept. 12).

There were six aggravated assaults. They mostly took place at private residences at 5500 Miriam Road (Sept. 3), 6100 Bingham St. (Sept. 3), 700 Glenview St. (Sept. 12), and domestic assaults at 900 Pratt St. (Sept. 5) and 2100 Princeton Ave. (Sept. 12). There was also an assault on the street at 6500 Castor Ave. (Sept. 3).

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There were 10 burglaries, most of which targeted private residences or apartment houses. The private residences were located at 6700 Castor Ave. (Sept. 8), 800 Brill St. (Sept. 6), 2100 Griffith St. (Sept. 14), 500 McKinley St. (Sept. 4), 500 Levick St. (Sept. 15) and 500 Adams Ave. (Sept. 13). John J. Riddick, 27, was arrested following a burglary at an apartment house at 800 Cottman Ave. on Sept. 5. An apartment house on Loretto Avenue was burglarized twice on Sept. 10. A restaurant at 1700 Cottman Ave. was burglarized Sept. 12.

There were 72 thefts, which targeted 38 vehicles (including two stolen vehicle tags), 19 businesses, six street thefts, three private residences, two banks, two bicycles, a nursing home and a mental institution. One arrest was made. In addition, 19 vehicles were reported stolen, 13 of which have been recovered. Two arrests were made.

7th Police District

The only robbery took place on the street at 1900 Fox Chase Road on Sept. 4 and did not involve a weapon.

All three aggravated assaults took place on the street. These happened at 800 Lawler St. (Sept. 3) involving a handgun, 9800 Bustleton Ave. (Sept. 7) and 8000 Roosevelt Blvd. (Sept. 15), which resulted in an arrest.

Most of the burglaries targeted private residences or apartment houses. These took place at private residences at 100 Tomlinson Road (Sept. 11) and 8300 Alma St. (Sept. 7) and apartment houses at 13600 Philmont Ave. (Sept. 14), twice at 700 Rhawn St. (Sept. 4) and twice at 2000 Rhawn St. (Sept. 9 and 10). A state liquor store at 11600 Bustleton Ave. was burglarized Sept. 5, and a doctor’s office at 2200 Michener St. was burglarized Sept. 12.

There were 34 thefts, which targeted 17 vehicles (including two stolen vehicle tags), nine businesses, three street thefts, two private residences, two apartment houses and a retirement home. One arrest was made. In addition, six vehicles were reported stolen, four of which have been recovered.

8th Police District

Each of the five robberies took place on the street. These took place at 1600 Riverside Drive (Sept. 6), 1700 Franklin Mills Circle (Sept. 7), Red Lion and Calera roads (Sept. 6), and vehicles at 10700 Knights Road (Sept. 15) and 100 Franklin Mills Blvd. (Sept. 4).

There were 10 aggravated assaults, which resulted in two arrests. Charlene D. Hibib, 33, and Vincent McCandless, 34, were arrested following two assaults at 3200 Holme Ave. on Sept. 5. There were three assaults involving a rifle at 4600 Blakiston St. on Sept. 14, which resulted in an arrest. Other assaults took place at 3400 Morrell Ave. (Sept. 14), 8100 State Road (Sept. 14), 3100 Grant Ave. (Sept. 16), all of which involved knives; and 12800 Elnora Road (Sept. 8) and 400 Franklin Mills Circle (Sept. 11).

All eight burglaries targeted apartment houses. They happened at 9400 Lansford St. (Sept. 7), 1700 Riverside Drive (Sept. 7), 11900 Academy Road (Sept. 7), 10800 Keswick Road (Sept. 7), 4400 Tolbut St. (Sept. 11), 8300 Frankford Ave. (Sept. 11), 4400 Pearson Ave. (Sept. 11) and 2600 Welsh Road (Sept. 3).

There were 55 thefts, which targeted 22 businesses, 21 vehicles (including a stolen vehicle tag), five street thefts, two bicycles, two private residences, an apartment house, a parking lot or garage and a retirement home. Three arrests were made. In addition, 10 vehicles were reported stolen, seven of which have been recovered. One arrest was made.

15th Police District

There were 10 robberies. Five of them took place on the street and involved handguns at Frankford Avenue and Ruan Street (Sept. 5), 6700 Ditman St. (Sept. 14), 4700 Worth St. (Sept. 14), 2100 Pratt St. (Sept. 14) and 3900 Roosevelt Blvd. (Sept. 16). A purse snatching took place at 4100 Gilham St. (Sept. 4) and a robbery involving no weapons took place at 7000 Brous Ave. (Sept. 16) and resulted in two arrests. A food store at 6400 Torresdale Ave. was robbed twice with a handgun (Sept. 12 and 13). A private residence at 2000 Plum St. was robbed Sept. 10.

There were 22 aggravated assaults that resulted in two arrests. Jose Rios, 24, was arrested Sept. 4 following an assault involving a gun on the street at 1900 Berkshire St., and Khadij Davis, 29, was arrested Sept. 9 after an assault involving a handgun on the street at 4600 Marple St. Other assaults on the street took place at 4700 Disston St. (Sept. 8), twice at 7600 Erdrick St. (Sept. 11), 4800 Tackawanna St. (Sept. 13) and Griscom Street and Oxford Avenue (Sept. 16), all of which involved handguns; 1500 Arrott St. (Sept. 12), which involved a knife; and 2900 Unruh Ave. (Sept. 6), 3200 Ryan Ave. (Sept. 11), four times at 5200 Harbison Ave. (Sept. 13) and a domestic assault at 4500 Unruh Ave. (Sept. 16). Julio Goncalves, 39, was arrested Sept. 3 after a domestic assault at a private residence at 6200 Bustleton Ave. (Sept. 3). Other assaults at private residences took place at 4600 Lesher St. (Sept. 10), 6100 Marsden St. (Sept. 8) and 1700 Brill St. (Sept. 12). The remaining assaults took place twice at an apartment house at 4700 Griscom St. (Sept. 4 and 6) and a hospital at 4600 Roosevelt Blvd. (Sept. 8).

There were 15 burglaries, which mostly targeted private residences. Kelly Gibbons, 32, and Michael Anthony Johnson, 29, were arrested Sept. 7 after a burglary at a private residence at 4200 Decatur St. Other private residences were targeted at 6500 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 6), 3100 Englewood St. (Sept. 7), 2000 Devereaux Ave. (Sept. 9), 4700 Darrah St. (Sept. 9), 1600 Harrison St. (Sept. 11), 5400 Charles St. (Sept. 14), 6800 Ditman St. (Sept. 5) and 6100 Erdrick St. (Sept. 12). Other burglaries took place twice at a chain retail store at 4500 Castor Ave. (Sept. 4), a chain food store at 6400 Roosevelt Blvd. (Sept. 12), a restaurant at 6400 Torresdale Ave. (Sept. 8), a residential garage at 6800 Glenloch St. (Sept. 8) and on the street at 4200 Aramingo Ave. (Sept. 11).

There were 105 thefts, which targeted 48 vehicles (including a stolen vehicle tag), 23 businesses, 19 street thefts including a purse snatching, seven private residences, three bicycles, an apartment house, an office building, a hospital and two unspecified locations. A total of 17 arrests were made. In addition, 38 vehicles were reported stolen, 26 of which have been recovered. Three arrests were made. ••

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