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Goat found on Castor Avenue in Rhawnhurst

Neighbors found a goat on Castor Avenue in Rhawnhurst. The animal had to be put down due to poor health, according to animal control.

A goat found by neighbors Sunday in Rhawnhurst was later euthanized by animal control. JACK TOMCZUK / TIMES PHOTO

Residents in Rhawnhurst spotted an unusual site Sunday morning on Castor Avenue.

A goat was grazing on some grass near a PECO building at Castor Avenue and Loney Street. Neighbors said they reported the animal to the city’s Animal Care & Control Team around 11:15 a.m.

Unfortunately, the goat was in poor health when animal control officers arrived. It was lying on the ground minimally responsive and its breathing was labored, according to Sarah Reyes, a spokeswoman for the Mayor’s Office.

“The goat was transported to the shelter, but due to the emergency nature of the goat’s condition veterinary staff made the decision to euthanize,” Reyes said in an email.

It’s unclear how or why the goat ended up on Castor Avenue.

In cases where livestock animals are not critically sick or injured, ACCT works to place animals found in the city with farm rescue partners, Reyes said. In the past year, ACCT has recovered 15 goats, sheep and pigs, and two have had to be euthanized, according to Reyes. ••

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