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Northeast Philadelphia residences discuss speed cameras on Roosevelt Boulevard, affordable housing and good times in Burholme.

Speed cameras a money grab

Contact Gov. Wolf and tell him to veto Senate Bill 172, authorizing speed cameras in work zones and on Roosevelt Boulevard in Philadelphia.

Speed cameras make highways more dangerous. The problems on Roosevelt Boulevard can be fixed by synchronizing the traffic lights to 40 or 45 mph and putting the crosswalks underground. In work zones, less than one death every two years since 1970 from passing cars does not justify speed cameras.

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Speed cameras were voted in for the money they will rake in from safe drivers. Up to $30 million per year from work zone cameras alone, with no improvement in safety for the workers. The vast majority of the workers are killed by their own machinery, not passing motorists. On the Boulevard, tens of millions of dollars will be taken from safe drivers for no reason. SB 172 is called a “pilot” program. Not true. It is the foot in the door to put speed cameras all over Pennsylvania, and cameras will be used where speed limits are posted below the safest speed to ensure the cameras are profitable.

The “speeding crisis” and the “work zone crisis” do not exist. They were invented by the camera profiteers as a justification for their product, using the massive revenue cameras generate to seal the deal with the Legislature.

Contact Gov. Wolf (717–787–2500) and tell him to veto Senate Bill 172. Thank you.

Tom McCarey

National Motorists Association

Yes to Boulevard cameras

Over the past four years, there have been more than 220 reported crashes and 10 fatalities on Roosevelt Boulevard. Drivers, pedestrians and members of the communities surrounding the Boulevard cite the stretch of road as extremely dangerous and note that many drivers speed while on it. This is one reason why AAA Mid-Atlantic commends both the Pennsylvania House and Senate for working across the aisle to pass Senate Bill 172.

Roosevelt Boulevard is one of the most dangerous roadways in Pennsylvania. AAA Mid-Atlantic believes automated speed camera systems, when implemented with AAA-supported motorist protections as outlined in SB 172, can contribute to the goal of reducing unnecessary fatalities and promoting traffic safety.

Automated speed enforcement presents a complex set of issues, which is why AAA believes legislation establishing speed cameras should include procedural safeguards and protections for motorists. To ensure motorists’ protections and keep the public perception of the speed camera program positive, SB 172 includes public access and involvement, warning signs, police (not contractor), oversight of the program and a flat contractor fee.

This pilot program has a true focus on safety. It is our hope that it will help the Boulevard earn a much more positive reputation.

Jana L. Tidwell

Manager, Public and Government Affairs, AAA Mid-Atlantic

No to another handout

In response to Richard Donofry’s Letter to the Editor, “A loss for taxpayers,” published in the Northeast Times on Sept. 19:

In his letter, Mr. Donofry complains about Mayor Kenney failing to fund so-called “affordable housing” by imposing a new tax on large construction projects. It’s unknown whether or not such a tax would generate enough revenue to achieve the goal.

As part of his letter, Donofry accusingly states that building trades union members and big developers are being let off of some imaginary hook because the mayor didn’t sign the bill into law.

I’m afraid Mr. Donofry doesn’t understand that, in a capitalist democratic republic such as ours, government has no responsibility to provide affordable housing for anyone. Developers and union construction workers already pay large amounts of taxes and fees to the city. Paying as they should while earning honest wages and profits. Our city has too many people receiving handouts at the taxpayers’ expense.

Jim Giorla

Morrell Park

Good time in Burholme

I wanted to thank the folks who put together the movie night events over at Burholme Park.

My family attended the last one of the season on Oct. 6. It was wonderful. They had activities for the kids, it was not too crowded, and my girls even made a new friend whose family sat with us.

Thank you so much for providing a great night out.

Eileen Teti

Castor Gardens

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