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Frankford NAC discusses zoning issues

The Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Committee voted on a number of zoning matters at its Nov. 8 meeting.

The Frankford Neighborhood Advisory Committee considered several zoning issues during its Nov. 8 meeting, including an application that would legalize an existing drug recovery house for women.

A recovery house has existed at 1713 Dyre St. for at least 17 years, according to owner Stephanie Scully. However, the property is zoned for single-family use. Scully said the Joy of Living recovery house has five bedrooms and can house up to 15 women at a time.

“I love what I do, and I feel we’re really making a big impact on Frankford with helping these people,” she said.

The NAC board supported Sully’s application, but only because Joy of Living has been on the site for years. NAC Coordinator Christine DeJesus said the community group would have opposed the proposal if it were for a new rooming house due to a saturation of drug recovery programs.

No residents voted on the application. Only people who live in a two-block area of the property are permitted to vote on zoning matters at NAC meetings.

For the second straight month, the NAC delayed a decision on a proposed expansion to a bar at 4101-07 Paul St. Neighbors have raised concerns about noise and parking. After a meeting facilitated by state Rep. Jason Dawkins, the bar owner agreed to look into installing soundproof panels.

In the meantime, the residents and representatives from the bar agreed at the Nov. 8 meeting to set volume levels for music that are acceptable to both sides. The issue is expected to be voted on next month.

The NAC also voted to support an application for a commercial space and four apartments at 2001 Bridge St. and another for a four-family dwelling at 2008 Orthodox St. No residents eligible to vote on either matter attended the meeting. ••

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