Local volunteers clean up Pennypack Park

Pitching in: On Thanksgiving weekend, 59 volunteers helped collect 73 bags of trash and cans. Source: Friends of Pennypack Park

The Friends of Pennypack Park held an end-of-year Thanksgiving weekend cleanup, with 59 volunteers clearing 73 bags of trash and cans.

The volunteers were Laya Press, James Patten (Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology), Marion and Dave Brown, Will Toffling, Charles Hines (Community College of Philadelphia), Lisa and Nicholas Leone (Father Judge), Dean Lynd, Rich Glaser, Ralph Smith, Edward C. Davis, Kateryna Rebensky, Kathy Volack, Tim McAndrews, Ken Lewis, Robert McMunn, Alan Kaminsky, John Broscius, Roland Williams, Jeanne Capone, Audrey Walmsley, Andrew Puzdrak, Joyce Ferrero, George Scholl and Nance Kerns.

Also volunteering, in memory of Danielle Calhoun-Lopez, were family members Walt, Mary, Joe, John, Jacquie, Emaleigh and Rhea Calhoun; Jeanette and Megan Kania; Lexie and Julie Lopez; and canines Max and Loki.

The 34th Woodland Rangers (Baden-Powell Service Association) volunteers were Gigi and Ronald Dukes, Cynthia Kwan, Kimm Tynan and Dylan Parchman.

Source: Friends of Pennypack Park

From Boy Scout Troop 252 were Joe and Leo Fiore, Bryan and Logan Kentner, Emmanuel Charlton, Liam Pease, Cameron and Mark Davis and Tim Spiller.

The Friendship Bray Chapter DeMolay volunteers were Michael D. and Liam McKee, Michael Cappo Sr. and Michael Cappo Jr., Drew and Dave Di Pietro, Anthony DeAmore and Logan McCusker.

The trash list included 70 bags of trash and three bags of cans.

Items included five tires without rims; an art tile, bookbag, folding table, tote, wall demolition debris, a piece of drywall, paper shingles, a bungee cord, two blankets, two cell phones, a cell phone charger, three pieces of carpet, a lithium battery charger, a Chinese lantern, a barbecue grill, a cushion, a spoon, booties, two feather boas, a pair of oversized party sunglasses, Mardi Gras beads, a broken umbrella, three women’s tops, a polo shirt, three hoodies, a scarf, a wallet, a necklace, a bag of clothes, two spark plugs, a tire chain, two golf balls, a basketball, a baseball, a tennis ball, a 2-pound weight and a wood frame.

The next park cleanup will be Saturday, March 23, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. on the ballfield on Holme Avenue, next to Nazareth Hospital. ••