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Meditation Column: The truth will set your mind, body and soul free

Truth: Something that is undeniable when observed from unquestionable fact or, as referred to in meditation, truth often points to indisputable reality. Many students believe that truth is unquestionable. For instance, all things born into creation are subjected to the same rules of beginning and end, at least in the material form. Truth may also refer to statements or situations, as in the truth of the matter.

Often when one hears the truth, they do not respond, they merely digest the knowledge or fact. For the purpose of our studies, from a state of meditation (conscious observation), we digest some simple truths as unquestionable facts based on what is known to be true.

“We are.”

“This is.” 

Frequently, when a truth is spoken, it settles in like an epiphany; an “oh yes” moment. As if it is some life-changing bit of information we have been waiting to hear our whole lives and, when applied to our journey, changes our understanding of what we once considered true.

As your level of consciousness deepens, you find those things that cause you to question are doing so because they are not true. In our studies, we rarely question undeniable truths. It is a truth that the majority of us are driven by a thought stream, which pushes us and leads us in all sorts of directions, and that stream of thought is often beyond our control. The fact is that if you could stop it, you would. Another truth is that you are not the stream of thought, it is a mental function of your mind. It is not truly you. You are something else.

A meditation: Try it out, here and there, when it comes to your mind, or not. Take some moments, observe your thoughts and bring to mind some beliefs, knowledge, viewpoints, etc. that you have on any particular subject. Take a moment to look at the truth behind your mindset on that which you are observing. Look for yourself for the truth behind it, is it unquestionable or factual? Be aware that if your mind creates a conflict with the thoughts, your position is to observe. Most truths are undeniable. It is a new day, your day! ••

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