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Time is a commodity we can’t waste so use it wisely


Time often refers to the length or duration of a happening. A man-made system of calculations, which allows us to measure the length or period in which something has, is or will be going on. Some say that time is a funny thing.

We believe we share time, save time, are given time, donate time, look for time, cherish time, focus on time, wish for time, sell time or even buy time, etc. People say things such as, “Time is fleeting, there’s not enough, it never seems to be the right time.” For our intent and purposes, time’s origin, concept and its use is something to be observed.

The student sat with the teacher and said, “I understand that time is a mind-made concept that humans created in order for us to structure our societies around. I know, science uses the concept to define the length of perceived existence in some sort of measurable terms, which of course only points to this reality because it is said to be impossible for humans to comprehend eternity. I am aware the very calendar we use to structure our system of timekeeping is based on the rotation of earth around the sun flying through this galaxy at an incredible speed. Our months, weeks and days are based on the recurring course of the sun and the moon.

Therefore, depending on which planet you live on and which sun you spin around the possible calendar scenarios is as infinite as the galaxy itself. Finally, I am aware that many theologians, scientists and mystics alike often share the opinion that time does not exist.” The teacher sat back in their chair and with a smile, looked at the student and said, “Yes.”

Meditate with time, when it comes to your mind here and there, meditate on time, or not.

Here’s one, even fun for some, it includes some brain training. 

Look at clock, bring the current time to your awareness (tell yourself what time it is). As with other meditations, if a thought or fantasy comes to your mind, observe it and return your focus to your observations of what time it is. Think to yourself what time it would be two hours from the moment. See if, with practice or instantly, if your mind reminds you of the time two hours later. You could try practicing when you go to bed. Look at the time, tell yourself what time you want to wake up and see what happens. Either set your alarm after the wake time as backup or tell yourself to wake 10 minutes before the alarm. See what happens, maybe nothing, maybe you learn something about your conscious self and even help it to move forward in your life. It’s a new day. Your day! ••

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