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Plenty of money for the wall


In response to Marie Patton’s Letter to the Editor, “No money for the wall,” published in the Jan. 9 edition of the Northeast Times:

In response to a letter written to the Northeast Times saying there is no money for the wall, the $5.8 billion that President Trump is asking for to build a wall on the southern border is one-tenth of 1 percent of the federal budget. That is a small amount of money to pay for national security and public safety. 

The politicians telling you that a wall is too expensive and is not going to work are the same people who in the past voted to give more money to a wall or a fence. We all know politics, and especially in Washington, it’s about winning, not always about what is right for the people. I understand people disagreeing with government being shut down, but something has to be used to bring Democrats to the table.

I don’t know about you, but the first thing I want to know about a candidate is what is their plan to keep us safe. By holding up funding for the wall so they can have funding for other things proves to me that border security and keeping my friends and family safe is not the Democratic leadership in Washington’s top priority. 

David Lee


Where’s the money, Trump?

I keep reading about this border wall.

The president promised this wall to his base. So give him the wall and stop the government shutdown.

He promised to build it and that Mexico was going to pay for it. So, Mr. President, call Mexico and get your money and do it. Build the wall of whatever material you want. But make sure, based on your promise, that Mexico is going to pay for it and not us, American taxpayers.

And if you cannot get the money from Mexico, then maybe the Trump organization will give you a nice big loan so you can build your beautiful wall.

Carlos Ramon Perez 


No pay during the shutdown

I hope the Congress and Senate don’t get paid. It is really a shame if they get paid and the rank and file don’t. This is dirty. Come on, people, contact your politician and complain.

Margaret J. Sharples


Don’t Be Late

She was waiting gratitude from her son

For everything that she has done,

For all the sufferings she felt,

For sleepless nights, that she spent.

And he grew up, stepped over threshold,

About mother’s care he forgot,

And often she was standing at the fence,

Looking at the postman with a sense.

She often tried to think over the past,

That everything has gone so fast,

She wanted him to be very kind,

That came always to her mind.

So years went, the son was silent,

That he lives good and is all right,

That’s all the mother dreamed about,

But still he didn’t find time to write.

A letter will come late in the fall,

The mom’s address is another at all.

The son will understand the price of mother,

When he himself becomes a father.

Written by Moysey Barash

translated by Marim Barash

McArdle did a good job

The dismissing of Ryan’s football coach, Frank McArdle, is disappointing. McArdle did an admirable job with the football program under difficult circumstances. 

Being in the same division as St. Joe’s Prep, La Salle and Archbishop Wood virtually guarantees three losses and no advancement in the playoffs. Coach McArdle did have a good record against Archbishop Ryan’s rivals, Father Judge and George Washington. 

Ryan and Judge would be wise to focus their attention on increasing school enrollment rather than firing quality football coaches.

Ray Pascali


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