Meditation Column: Meditation can clear your body and mind of toxins

Disease may be defined as a foreign intrusion by a substance, object or disorder that infiltrates or intrudes upon a living thing, causing negative consequences to said living form, disrupting its existence or causing negativity and in some situations leading to death. The word is often used as a simile for how something moves harmfully through society or a culture, for instance, “The drug epidemic moves through our cities like a disease.” The medical world often finds defining disease difficult and it can be unclear. Some define it as anything that intrudes upon “good health,” only to find that health is no more easily defined than disease. For our intent and purposes, in our meditation studies, we shall consider defining negativity as a disease.

Many students who meditate come to the conclusion that nothing is truly negative. If a happening or situation (despite its challenges) assists us on the road to consciousness, then nothing is negative. Merely a tool or lesson for us to learn from. Yet, many teachers and mentors will include lessons on the spreading of negativity in their teachings.

Negativity spreads like a disease. You have seen it so many times, perhaps have done it yourself. It seems to happen in the media, in our day-to-day lives, schools, public meetings, etc. and especially in our personal intimate conversation. People telling stories of past events or making negative observations of others or society. Folks talking about future dreadful situations that may or may not happen. We pull each other into negativity. For example, I can tell you some story of horrid happenings that caused great suffering for countless people. Perhaps the story needs to be said to educate or protect humanity from recurrence; yet, as I speak, clouds of dread come over you as you digest the dialogue, or even a small taste of negative emotions that pull you from a moment where you may have been blissfully present and joyful, only to have me damper your moment by sharing my discomfort. We find ourselves now sharing the disease of negativity. It doesn’t end there. You walk upon a group of people occupied with their current conversation and bring them the dreadful story, pulling them in. How often will someone bring you negative observations of another, only to pull you into their own mindset? If you’re unaware, you then form opinions of approval or disapproval, trust or distrust, etc. of the other person based on the narrow-mindedness of another. As students of meditation, we have an awareness of the results of our behaviors. We chose to spread peace, love and joy. We chose to help the world and our fellow humans and not continue to cause damage. Better to be still, silent and in a state of love than to perpetuate the disease of negativity.

A meditation, try it out here and there when it comes to mind, or not. Before you speak, relay an observation, tell a story, repeat a judgment, etc., see if you can catch yourself before you say it. When you do, run the sentence or story through your mind, consider whether it would create negativity for the listener and if it would perpetuate the negativity you’re experiencing by pulling you further in or keeping you in the emotional impact of the drama. The spreading of negativity often interferes with your consciousness and your awareness, of the peace, love and joy the moment contains. ••

It’s a new day… Your Day. ••