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Letters to the Editor

King’s Highway nonprofit

It was recently brought to our attention that for-profit entities and individuals have been using our name and logo on printed material, social media and signage for new businesses.

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We would like Northeast Philadelphia to know that The King’s Highway Trust Foundation 501(c)(3) nonprofit is not affiliated with any entity that is infringing on our name and our logo. We built a global brand around The King’s Highway after years of hard work producing the award-winning documentary, and then going on to create a multitude of community-based historical initiatives.

Last year, we installed several dozen historic metal signs on Frankford Avenue aka The King’s Highway with our logo. We also created an illustrated map of the highway, built self-guided tours in mobile apps and hosted several history events throughout the Northeast, all of which show our logo.

We would appreciate it if anyone who would like to use our name, our logo or would like to work with us to please reach out to us first out of common courtesy. Also, this will avoid unfair competition laws and possible trademark infringement as well as dilution by tarnishment.

Frankly speaking, we do not support or endorse any entities that are using our name in a way for which it was never intended. The KHTF will continue to serve Northeast Philadelphia with events and initiatives, and we appreciate the support of residents, community leaders, elected officials, businesses and organizations.

Don’t forget to mark your calendar for this year’s Northeast Philadelphia History and Heritage Celebration on Saturday, Aug. 17, from 1 to 4 p.m. at the 1697 King’s Highway – Frankford Bridge at Frankford and Solly avenues.

For more info, feel free to visit us on Facebook or KingsHighwayFilm.com

The King’s Highway Trust Foundation Board of Directors

It’s easy: Obey the law

I have a novel idea on how to reduce the prison population: Obey the law and don’t commit crimes.


Peter DiGiuseppe


Protest can end epidemic

The doctors and pharmacists caused the opioid epidemic by changing laws and practice in the 1990s to allow take-home opioids, etc.

The epidemic will resolve if doctors and pharmacists go back to the law and practice to not allow take-home opioids, etc.

Enormous public protest and boycotting will force the doctors and pharmacists to implement the resolution.

I am a man in my 50s, opted out of all healthcare for 2019 and future. I bought no health insurance. I accepted no government or employer insurance. I mailed letters of protest to health insurance companies, senators, etc.

If 1 million men do what I did, the result would be $8 billion of protest. A financial boycott is legal and peaceful and effective.

Be like Rosa Parks. Take action.

Stephen Bryant


Seabees can build the wall

President Trump is disappointed in the money Congress proposed for his wall. Since building this wall can be classified as international, he should employ the Navy Seabees in its building.

The Seabees were responsible for miraculous deeds in the war with Japan. As an example, the platoon in which I served landed in the Gilbert Islands. We removed wooded areas and laid down two airstrips.

The first bombs landed the fourth day.

Walt Blowitski


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