A warm welcome

A new Wawa that opened last Thursday at 5597 Tulip St. celebrated its arrival with a day of free coffee and announcing funds donated to injured Philadelphia police officer Andy Chan.


Wawa’s new location in Wissinoming had been open for less than an hour before it was packed with representatives from the police and other local organizations, a dancing Wally Goose and thirsty customers looking for free coffee.

The new location at 5597 Tulip St. opened the morning of Feb. 14 with an announcement that the company would donate money to the Philadelphia Police Department. They announced the money would go toward helping Officer Andy Chan, who was seriously injured in a crash on Rhawn Street on Jan. 3.

“Wawa is committed to serving those who serve the community, and will be providing District 15 lunch and making a donation in their names to the fund for highway patrol officer Andy Chan,” said Scott Hambridge, store manager.

Representatives from the police also helped build and present the first official hoagie from the store.


Customers were cheerily greeted outside by individuals from City Year, an education nonprofit organization that partners with schools to keep students on track to graduation. Wawa and the Wawa Foundation are providing sponsorship for a City Year team at Warren G. Harding Middle School and for programming at Frankford High School.

Wawa has supported City Year’s team at Warren G. Harding for four years and expanded to Frankford High School this year to help the organization bring tutors, mentors and in-class support to the schools.

“We are especially grateful for this store location in particular because it’s another direct impact Wawa will have on City Year,” said City Year senior director of corporate partnerships Dorothy Wong.

This is the convenience store chain’s fourth location to open in 2019. There are plans to open 63 new stores across its operating area, which spans from Pennsylvania to Florida, throughout the year. ••