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Letters to the Editor

Please donate to help needy

During the month of March, my staff and I will be collecting food and certain household items for dissemination to local food cupboards and for distribution to needy families in our community.

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Requested items include cereal, pasta/noodles, boxed mac and cheese, boxed rice, soup, canned fruit, canned vegetables, applesauce, canned potatoes, canned beans, canned pasta, pasta sauce, tuna, jelly, peanut butter, toilet paper, paper towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, shampoo, soap, laundry detergent and dish detergent.

These items can be dropped off at my district office, located at 19 S. York Road in Hatboro. If you have a large donation, I will happily arrange a pick-up. Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Rep. Thomas P. Murt

152nd Legislative District

Move your car already

Will someone give me the definition of an abandoned car? There has been one parked in front of my home since before Thanksgiving.

Since all ID info appears to be valid, numerous calls to police and city agencies resulted in no action. The car is still there.

All I ask as a homeowner is to enjoy the privilege of parking in front of my own home occasionally. Can someone please help?

Elizabeth Vernalis

Parkwood Manor

Some legal help, please

Legal aid and other senior agencies are not available to help limited-income seniors.

The legal system is only for individuals who can afford to use it. Attorneys are “specialists,” taking quick cases that produce big money.

Families are able to take advantage of one of their members being an attorney.

Hate, greed and lack of soul are prominent and must be addressed in the legal system.

Taking inheritance before demise is not an uncommon incidence. Being unable to fight back is worse than losing all the material objects, money, property and precious antiques from the past.

Money will not last forever, but memories are hard to ignore.

Louise C. Stuski-Bentivegna


Mayfair isn’t awesome

Thirty years or so ago, I made a prediction. So far, all of my predictions have come to fruition.

First and foremost, I warned the property owners of this onetime awesome neighborhood, Mayfair, that Section 8 would be its demise. I was correct.

Second, voter fraud, strong-armed politics, union bullying and draw poker machines would become a direct result of lower voter turnouts.

Redistricting and the infamous DROP program have also led corruption to our city streets.

Also, a very serious issue that I did not predict is our wonderfully thought-out soda tax.

It’s no wonder why voter turnout has been so low due to one lie after another.

So, it’s time for the corruption to crumble. Perhaps a few new faces, new blood, new politicians can fix our potholes while cleaning up our streets.

In conclusion, the key to bailing out our communities from under this mess is simple. Education. It’s our children who have been left behind.

Bill Heiser


Thanks for good deed

I want to thank the man who found my wallet in the Acme parking lot on Red Lion Road on Feb. 13 and returned it to the leasing agent where I live. The agent explained to me the trouble he went through to find me.

Too often, good deeds are left without a thank you. So even though I didn’t get to meet you and shake your hand, I am grateful.

Diana Griffin


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