Sabatina receives award for Marsy’s Law advocacy

Marsy’s Law: Sen. John Sabatina Jr. received the Guardian of Victims’ Rights award last week. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

Marsy’s Law for Pennsylvania last week presented state Sen. John Sabatina Jr. with its Guardian of Victims’ Rights award.

The Feb. 28 ceremony took place at Sabatina’s office in Parkwood.

The first Marsy’s Law was enacted by California voters in a proposition in 2008. Marsy Nicholas was a senior at UC Santa Barbara in 1983 when she was stalked and murdered by her ex-boyfriend.

Marsy’s Law provides victims of crime a variety of legal rights during the judicial process.

Sabatina, an assistant district attorney for five years, is the prime Senate sponsor of Marsy’s Law legislation, which unanimously passed the Senate and House of Representatives last year. If the measure passes both chambers again this year, Pennsylvania voters will get a chance to approve a ballot measure in November that would make Marsy’s Law part of the state constitution.

Rep. Sheryl Delozier, a Cumberland County Republican, has introduced a companion bill in the House.

Marsy’s Law enjoys wide support, with the ACLU the only opponent of note. ••