7th District officers honored

Honoring the boys in blue: Pictured are (from left) Officer John Vincent, Captain Robert Ritchie and Officer Robert Sellers.

As two pit bulls mauled a 71-year-old woman and her poodle on Jan. 7, two 7th Police District officers arrived on the scene on the 1900 block of Goodnaw St. in Bustleton.

Both officers fired their weapons at the attacking dogs, who had killed another dog in December.

For their efforts Officers Robert Sellers and John Vincent were honored as Officers of the Month for January at the 7th Police District Advisory Committee’s monthly meeting.

One pit bull attacked Sellers, who shot the aggressive animal in the head.

The other pit bull still had a hold on the poodle and its owner. The pit bull started to pull the victims onto the grass behind a car parked on the street. Vincent shot the attacking dog in the side.

“These officers were ready at a moment’s notice to protect the lady who was being attacked,” said Capt. Robert Ritchie, commander of the 7th district. “But they also made very, very, outstanding attempts at protecting the life of that poor little dog.”

The poodle died of its injuries. The pit bulls initially survived the gunshots but were later euthanized.

“Officers Sellers and Vincent acted quickly and responsibly during an unstable situation,” Ritchie said. “The officers used great judgment and tactics before utilizing deadly force against the vicious animals in an effort to protect the citizens of the 7th district. Therefore, we are proud to recognize them as our Police Officers of the Month for January, 2019.” ••