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Friends of Pennypack Park holds first 2019 cleanup

Pitching in: Local volunteers removed 55 bags of trash and a bag of cans during a recent cleanup held on the outskirts of the hidden ballfield on Holme Avenue between Nazareth Hospital and Pennypack Creek

Friends of Pennypack Park held a cleanup in March that attracted 52 volunteers.

The group has been holding cleanups for 32 years.

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The cleanup was held at and on the outskirts of the hidden and very soggy ballfield on Holme Avenue between Nazareth Hospital and Pennypack Creek.

Volunteers removed 55 bags of trash and a bag of cans.

The volunteers who participated were Mary and Walt Calhoun; Megan Kania; Jenna Yehl; Pam Markert; Liz, Julianne and Alexandra Lopez; Joe Calhoun; Babar Ahmed; Rhea Calhoun; Emaleigh Calhoun; Jeanette Kania; and canines Loki and Max Kania and Hallee and Schultzy Calhoun (all from the family of Danielle Calhoun-Lopez).

Volunteers from St. Luke’s United Church of Christ were the Rev. Terri McNamara, Marian and Ricky Rossi and Emily Tiberi.

Volunteers from the carpenters union were Frank Strzelecki, Jonathan Bartholomew and Patrick McGuinness.

Volunteers from Keystone Academy Charter School were Katherine Ospina, Nathalie Ciprian, Kevin Leiva and their chaperone.

New volunteers were Amelia, Lisa and Celia Hiegl; Jay Lipschutz; Larry Satinoff; Sarah Hunter; Mike Kinkaid; Brian Rhodes; and Frank Gallagher.

Returning volunteers were Roland Williams, Alan Kaminsky, Robert McMunn, Dean Lynd, Andrew Puzdrak, Rich Glaser, Kathy Volack, Jim Gardner, Corinne Stobbe, Linda Davies, Elsie Stevens, Ralph Smith, Will Toffling and Leo Magazzu III.

Cleanup coordinators were Joyce Ferrero, George Scholl, Audrey Walmsley, Patty Everly, Mary Calhoun and Nance Kerns.

Items collected included a milk crate; hubcap; a cracked glass iced tea dispenser; a brass cauldron; a gas-powered lawn mower; a mangled gas-powered string trimmer; an empty TV stand box; a pink flamingo yard decoration; a cell phone; a foil baking pan; a mangled umbrella; socks; clothes; hangers; a Flyers gym bag; sneakers; a crutch; a plastic pig; broken crayons; Lego pieces; a drone; a tent; a crossbow arrow; a child’s ball; a Rutgers basketball; a toy gun; car parts; paper; bags; a metal sign; a mangled traffic cone; a 25 mph sign and pole; and two electric irons.

The next cleanup will be Saturday, April 27, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the park entrance off Rhawn Street, near Holmehurst Street. The rain date is April 28. The group will supply gloves, grabbers, water, and pretzels.

For more information, call 215-934-PARK. ••

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