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Ban toxic Styrofoam

Earlier this month, the Maryland House of Delegates and Senate passed legislation to ban polystyrene foam — aka Styrofoam — making Maryland the first state to take such a prestigious stand against single-use plastics and plastic pollution.

Polystyrene foam does not break down naturally, so it builds up in our waterways and harms our wildlife. As a rower and beach lover, I have seen a devastating amount of food take-out containers in the water. Not only can litter be mistaken for food by animals, or broken into microplastics that end up in our drinking water, it is an eyesore. There are already biodegradable and eco-friendly alternatives that restaurants can use that won’t stay in our environment for centuries.

Thanks, Maryland, for leading the way, and I urge Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald to cosponsor Rep. Tim Briggs’ bill to ban toxic polystyrene foam in Pennsylvania.

 Julia Albertson

North Philadelphia

Thank you, Solomon

In response to state Rep. Jared Solomon’s request that Bobby Henon step down because of corruption charges, I say thank you! Thank you for having the guts and the grit to speak out against the domineering, corrupt and out-of-touch attitude of Local 98’s political elite, Johnny Doc, Bobby Henon and others. 

I support unions and I support Local 98’s members, but I do not support the current leadership of Local 98, who bully their way through political battles, with the threat of physical destruction, coercion and thuggery if they do not get their way. 

This reprehensible behavior disgraces unions everywhere. One of the big political taboos in Philadelphia is that you do not speak out against Local 98 publicly, or else… 

At least one government leader, state Rep. Jared Solomon, has the courage to do so and is finally calling them out on their corrupt and unethical practices that ruin true American democracy. When justice is served, Local 98’s corrupt political elite may just find themselves in the 70th ward! 

Michael A. Podgorski

Fox Chase

No speed cushions

What a surprise it was when, coming home from work on Bloomfield Avenue crossing over Verree Road, I came across four sets of speed cushions within an eighth of a mile. 

I have lived in the area for 35 years and do not recall any problems with accidents or speeders and not even people going through stop signs.

If fact, the only mention of speeding in the Northeast is on Roosevelt Boulevard. Maybe that will be the next location.

Rich Cohen

Sun Valley

Addiction forum Saturday

According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than 140 people in the United States die from overdoses each day. This is an epidemic that needs to be addressed in a meaningful way.

On Saturday, April 6, I will be hosting an Addiction Education and Information Forum and Expo at the Upper Moreland High School auditorium, 3000 Terwood Road in Willow Grove. Registration will begin at 9 a.m., and the forum will take place from 9:30 to 11:30 a.m., followed by the expo from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Subjects to be discussed will include addiction as a brain disease, symptoms and behaviors of drug/alcohol abuse, the use of Narcan, and new treatment options for those struggling with addictions. The changing attitude of law enforcement toward addictions will also be discussed, along with a Pennsylvania legislative update on new and revised legislation.

The expo will have informational tables including: Be a Part of the Conversation, Minding Your Mind, Angels in Motion, Alanon/Naranon, Sobriety Solutions, Ethos Treatment, Caron Treatment Center, Livengrin Foundation, Compass Recovery Center, Philadelphia Counseling Center, Renew Family Services, Mirmont Treatment Center, PRO-ACT, Gaudenzia Addiction Treatment and Recovery,  Malvern Institute Drug & Alcohol, Newport Academy, Bridge Way School – Learning on the Road to Recovery and PA Department of Drugs and Alcohol.

Please call my office at 215-674-3755 with questions.

State Rep. Thomas P. Murt

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