Letters to the Editor

Fixing the Boulevard

I really hope I live long enough to see PennDOT correct the insanity that is the Boulevard traffic lights — that is Grant and the Boulevard, Welsh and the Boulevard, Red Lion and the Boulevard and a host of others and the Boulevard.

For the 44 years I’ve been driving, I must have gone through these intersections thousands of times. On quite a number of occasions, I’ve witnessed the civil engineer geniuses with their white hardhats, clipboards and stopwatches trying to figure out a solution; yet nothing changes, and these intersections remain on the top of the list as some of the country’s most dangerous.

Well, I’m certainly no genius, but the solution is so ridiculously simple, it’s annoying that it still hasn’t been fixed in all these years.

Northbound and southbound traffic controls should stay the same. Once those directional controls turn red, then only the eastbound traffic goes through, without any hindrance to turning northbound. Once the eastbound light turns red, then only the westbound traffic goes through, again, without any obstructions to turning southbound. Then back to the northbound and southbound controls.

No more jousting matches in order to turn north or south, no more standoffs because a persistent driver insists that they have to enter the center lanes only, no more aggressive drivers cutting in front of the oncoming traffic in order to force their turn, no more misguided drivers holding back in order to allow oncoming misguided drivers to peek and turn in front of them, no more visiting drivers scared stiff being stuck in the middle of a 12-lane highway and, maybe, just maybe, no more fatalities.

Thomas Cipriano

Far Northeast

Inconsiderate dog owners

My husband, who works night work, was awakened this morning at 5 a.m. by a barking dog who was put out in the yard to bark, and that is all it did was bark. 

So everyone had to get up, so we all were awake at this point. How inconsiderate of your neighbors can you be? Very inconsiderate. 

We pay taxes. They should crack down on irresponsible dog owners with all their barking dogs who are never walked. Feces everywhere. Why? This was one instance but it happens all the time.

Joan Dahlberg


Make every day Earth Day

As the nation recently celebrated Earth Day, it’s important to applaud the leadership of our local elected officials working to protect our environment. 

In particular, I was excited to hear about state Reps. Donna Bullock, Elizabeth Fiedler, Mary Louise Isaacson, Chris Rabb, Brian Sims and Jared Solomon introducing legislation to tackle litter and illegal dumping, reduce single-use plastic bags, and incentivize recycling programs. 

The representatives’ proposals are part of a larger package of bills being introduced in the General Assembly called the “Zero Waste PA” legislation.

In total, the Zero Waste PA legislation will promote more recycling across the state, address pollution from single use plastics and chronic litter problems facing many communities, and help divert waste from our landfills and incinerators. 

This Earth Day, Reps. Bullock, Fiedler, Isaacson, Rabb, Sims, and Solomon deserve a pat on the back from their constituents for their work to make sure that every day is Earth Day. 

Jessica Bellwoar


Help for veterans available

On Friday, May 10, from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m., the Disabled American Veterans Mobile Van will be visiting my district office in Hatboro. 

If you are a veteran and wish to speak to a counselor about your V.A. claim, or wish to learn more about benefits for which you might qualify, please stop by. Appointments are not needed. Veterans are encouraged to bring all documentation, including DD 214. 

For questions, please call me or my staff at 215-674-3755. My district office is at 19 S. York Road, Hatboro.

Rep. Thomas P. Murt