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City Council passes 10th District food truck ban

A bill banning sidewalk sales in Councilman Brian O’Neill’s district got the green light last week.

Several food carts set up daily on Bustleton Avenue just north of Cottman Avenue. TIMES FILE PHOTO

Legislation prohibiting food trucks and street vendors in Councilman Brian O’Neill’s 10th District easily passed City Council on Thursday.

Sidewalk sales are already banned in the Sixth Council District, so the bill will effectively prevent vendors from setting up in almost the entire Northeast.

An amendment was added to the legislation last month to give the food trucks on Bustleton Avenue between Cottman and Bleigh avenues until Oct. 1 to vacate the area. Any other vendors will have to close shop immediately once the bill goes into effect.

O’Neill previously told the Northeast Times he introduced the legislation to protect businesses who might be threatened by street vendors, who O’Neill said have an “unfair advantage” because they do not pay rent or certain taxes.

Council voted 15-1 to approve the ban, with Councilwoman At-Large Helen Gym being the only member to vote against it. ••

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