Philly Young Republicans elect board

The Philadelphia Young Republicans on Sunday elected a new executive board.

The board consists of Ross Wolfe (chairman), Brittany Christiansen (vice chairman), Scott Waller (treasurer), Matt Lamorgese (secretary), Morgan Mifflin (director of political outreach), Krysti Oschal (director of events) and Paul Sutton (executive director).

From left: Ross Wolfe, Matt Lamorgese, Morgan Mifflin, Brittany Christiansen, Paul Sutton, Scott Waller

Wolfe was elected to his second term. In the last two years, the group did a lot of work in the community and received several awards from the Pennsylvania Young Republicans in recognition of its efforts.

Wolfe said there are more young Republicans than people think because, many times, young conservatives are not as comfortable expressing their political beliefs publicly to avoid issues in their professional and personal lives.

“Many people living in the city publicly insult Republicans because they assume everyone is a Democrat or simply do not care if a Republican is present,” he said.

Wolfe said he believes the organization will be important for the 2020 presidential election.

“Given the hate we have seen from the Democrats here in Philly since 2016, we expect their hostility will only increase in 2020. During this process, we want to provide a visible presence to young Republicans and remind them that they are not alone. We want to show everyone that there are plenty of young people in Philly who support the president and counter the Democrats’ hateful rhetoric with positive messaging.”

The Philadelphia Young Republicans, established in 1864, is open to registered Republicans, living or working in Philadelphia, ages 18 to 40. ••