Friends of Pennypack Park cleans Welsh and Cresco

Friends of Pennypack Park recently cleaned the area of Welsh Road and Cresco Avenue.

Twenty-six volunteers collected 46 bags of trash and cans and a pile of other stuff for the city Department of Parks & Recreation’s Jim Hunsburger and Mike Lugo to haul away.

Volunteers were Max Crompton (Boy Scout Troop 111) and his dad, Shawn; Kateryna Rebensky (Millersville University) and her aunt, Kathy Volack; Eugene Shmilovich, his mom Julia and aunt Kathy Volin; Donna Davis; Robert McMunn; Carol Feighan; Corinne Stobbe; Karen Kaczorek; Mike Kinkaid; Drew Brownlow; Janet Bernstein (state Rep. Hohenstein’s office); Frank Gallagher; Edward Davis; Rich Glaser; Ralph Smith; Ken Lewis; Joyce Ferrero; Kevin Sweetra; George Scholl;  Patty Everly; Audrey Walmsley; and Nance Kerns.

They filled 44 bags with trash and two bags with cans.

Items collected included three coolers; three cell phones; three pots; three dinner plates; a pillow; a mini charcoal grill and a can of lighter fluid; a blanket; a shovel blade; a women’s electric razor; a bar of soap; a broom; a can of paint; a curtain rod; two large pieces of carpet; a chair cushion; a baking rack; a trash can lid from “8126;” two tote bags; a solar light; a light bulb in a socket with a pull chain; a piece of vinyl siding; a pyramid-shaped paper weight; a broken suitcase; a door knob; a mop handle; two braids from a hair weave; two combs; pajama pants; Calvin Klein pants; a shoe; a pair of sneakers; a biking glove; two 1-pound hand weights; a broken “Left for Dead 2” Xbox cartridge; two Gods and Generals VHS tapes; two tennis balls; a soccer ball; a bike wheel rim; a car tire rim; a post for a cabled guardrail; a hubcap; a metal rod; seashells; two pieces of wood; a “Conroy for Judge” campaign sign; and a wax elephant.

The next cleanup will be Saturday, Aug. 24, from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Little City/Rhawn Street.

Friends of Pennypack Park will bring the gloves, grabbers, water and pretzels.

Call 215-934-PARK or email ••