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Meditation Column: Embrace moments of joy

Joy is a feeling, or state of emotion of great happiness or pleasure. Often it is invoked by accomplishments, success, wellness, the fulfillment of want or desire, achievement, acquisition of something, etc. Joy may also be referred to as a state of bliss or delight; a feeling of great satisfaction, exhilaration or the sensation that often accompanies feelings of ecstasy, and more. You have felt it, experienced it and probably spread it. You can be joyful, of course, or joyless, which is quite the opposite of joy.

Keep in mind that, as with most words (See Words @ WakingUpWithPatrick.com), the word joy merely points to the sensation of the word, that, like love, the total experience of joy is beyond words and must be felt to be known.

There is also the unprovoked state of joy. A state of joyful presence that comes or is ever present, which is not a result of fulfillment or outside stimuli; rather it is a natural state of being. A type of joy that underlies all that you do, all that you say, and all that you deal with, including the happenings in the world. It is this state of joy that becomes the focus for the student of meditation.

The teacher proclaimed, “Joy is part of your natural state of being. There are different types of joy or classifications of such as you might say… There is the fleeting experience, which comes and goes as you acquire your things, fulfill your desires and accomplish your goals. These moments can be wonderful, yet they are often fleeting. Leaving your mind as the ‘novelty wears off.’ There are, of course, moments of joy, for instance the moment the punchline of a joke hits or when a life experience provokes wonderful feelings… Embrace these moments. Though they are fleeting, they are a wonderful part of the human experience. For many beings, a natural state of joy may be difficult if not impossible to be aware of. For example, those who suffer greatly or whose dire state of economic or political despair leaves them in such anguish, joy may be lost. Absent of any undesirable situation blocking the natural experience, there is a state of joy that dwells beneath circumstances or condition, an indescribable experience, which is maintained despite the woes of the world, the workings of the compulsive mind and the suffering repetitive thinking creates. A joy beyond understanding, beyond negativity. An experience that underlies all that goes on as a result of the egotistic mind and lack of consciousness in the world today.”

The student had no questions, merely a reply, “Peace, love and joy are our natural state of being.”

A meditation on joy, try it out here and there, joyfully or not. Bring your attention to thoughts or fulfilling moments of joy. Part of meditation is learning about yourself. Be aware of things that bring you joy. Observe the origin of the joy, define or describe it to yourself. For example, “The child at play brought me a feeling of joy” or, “The thought of making them aware made me joyful.” Then when it happens, when you catch the moment, bring your attention to those moments when you’re joyful or feeling joy that is unsolicited. When you are in an unprompted or unattached state of joy. A natural, unconditioned state of joy. Bring the experience of joy to your consciousness as a natural state of being that awaits you underneath the workings of your mind.

It’s a new day! ••

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