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Blend meditation practices into your daily routine

“Blending” is the function, action, mixing and combining, etc. of one or more things together, in order to create something new or different. It most often refers to mixing things together in the hope of gaining a positive result, like blending ingredients to fill a recipe or blending colors to create a new color. Blending is not limited to the obvious: We mix ingredients to create different substances, medicines, soils, fabrics, fragrances, etc., even ideas and thoughts. Our world blends together people of all races, religions, sexual orientation, etc., hoping to form (among other things) a more utopian situation where we all may exist together in a state of peace, love and joy.

At times, blending things and people together can have what we may call a negative effect. For instance, blending of chemicals that can lead to toxic gas, waste or weapons of mass destruction. Often, blending people of similar non-productive, narrow-minded thinking can lead to great suffering of other countless people.

We blend thoughts, ideas and potential positive thinking and behaviors that can lead to a better quality of life. We may blend good nutrition, exercise, truthful knowledge, etc. as a holistic attempt to improve our own lives (see “Holistic” at www.wakingupwithpatrick.com). The student of meditation considers the blending of meditation practices as they mix them into their own course of study and their day-to-day routines.

The teacher spoke to the group, “As with many things and situations that we create, there is a blending. We blend the knowledge and understanding we accumulate with that which we know. As students and teachers, we continue to mix in daily practices of meditation as we pursue the state of conscious awareness, until the moment comes that we wake up. We are blending the results of meditation practices to which we already know or perceive ourselves to be. It is the act of combining meditation practices to the daily routines of our lives that leads to conscious awareness. Once the blending is complete, the need to practice may be less, as the meditative state of being, the state of conscious awareness comes to the forefront of your lives.”

The student replied, “I shall blend meditation practices into the daily routine of my life as consciousness comes and I awaken from the confines of the repetitive stream of thought. This blending shall lead me to peace, love and joy.”

A meditation, try it out here and there when it comes to mind or do not. You could purposefully, intentionally, practice meditations throughout your day. The idea here is to bring to your awareness to the effects your meditation practices are having on you. Meditate (observe, be aware) on the positive results of blending meditation into your day. As with most meditation, focus your attention on an object or sound and while observing the stream of thought bring your awareness to the blending, to how the results fit in to your awakening.

It’s a new day. Your day. ••

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