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Meditation Column: Do your best to have an abundance mindset

Abundance, simply defined, refers to a large or very large quantity of something, whether it is material, physical, mental or even something psychological. An amount or degree of plentifulness. For instance: the community has an abundant amount of resources for those in need of assistance or the internet provides an abundant amount of knowledge which can be used to improve the lives of endless people. You can be abundantly wealthy, knowledgeable, caring and loving. As nations, we can possess abundant amounts of scientists, artists, environmentalists, humanitarians, etc.

If you have an abundance mindset you have the characteristics of seeing the positive, unlimited possibilities in the world, people and all creation. As a student of meditation (through meditation) you become aware of the endless abundant amount of peace, love, and joy that awaits you underneath the over-abundant stream of thought. It is this awareness that becomes the focus of the student of meditation.

The student spoke to the teacher, “Teacher, for many years I have worked and labored. I have achieved so much. I have abundant wealth and belongings, more than most; more than needed. I have abundant relationships with countless people, from mere acquaintances to true loyal family and friends. My life is filled with abundance. I have all the material and tangible things that I believe the world has to offer me. Yet, despite this abundance something is missing, there is a gap or void that leaves me feeling my life is incomplete.” The teacher paused, then spoke “You mention many a thing that the world has to offer. The abundance of the material things that this existence offers. You value wonderful relationships and family, a wealth beyond measure; however, there is no mention of a deeper awareness of that which we truly are, what is also truly important. An awareness of the peace, joy and love that lies in great abundance beneath all of that which you value important or even necessary. Nothing is really missing or hidden from you. Awareness, conscious presence, the abundant well of peace, love and joy that lies under the workings of the mind, under your desires and your ego. You have everything you thought you wanted, now seek what is missing. Practice meditation. Separate the true being that you are from the confines of the repetitive stream of thought, which you have defined yourself with until now. Separate yourself, come forward so that abundance of peace, truth, love, grace, glory, and joy that is already yours may be realized by you here and now. Namaste.”

A meditation, try it out or do not. There is an abundant number of ways to practice meditation. Focus your attention on an object, thought, sound, etc., while you observe the workings of the mind and observe the stream of thought. If the mind pulls you into thinking or a mental movie, as soon as you realize this, return to the focus of your meditation. Bring your attention, your awareness, to the peace you experience when not involved in the compulsive thinking of the mind. That peace awaits you. It is what is missing. That peace, that state of being that leads to an abundance of love and joy beyond measure.

It’s a new day. ••

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