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FOP supporting O’Neill

Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5 has endorsed City Councilman Brian O’Neill (R-10th dist.).

“Brian has always stood by our police officers and the Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #5, we’re proud to support him again,” said John McNesby, the union president. “As the son of a Philadelphia police officer, Brian knows the real-world sacrifices we and our families make every day. He has always advocated for us in City Hall, and with our help, will continue to do so.”

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O’Neill is being challenged by Democrat Judy Moore.


Last week, the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers endorsed Moore.

“Judy Moore has a passion for public education that comes through every time she talks about it,” said Jerry Jordan, president of the PFT. “We need candidates at every level of government who recognize the urgency of investing in public education. Our elected officials must take tough votes in order to support the children we serve. The PFT believes that Judy Moore is the right candidate to move the 10th District forward.”

Moore said, “My husband and myself both received amazing public school educations in Northeast Philadelphia. That education gave me a solid foundation and the ability for my family to prosper. It is unacceptable that children in the Northeast don’t have that same opportunity. It is my absolute top priority to make sure that our public schools are a safe environment for quality education. We must do a better job of supporting our educators and students. I’m sick of excuses; I want to see progress.”

Moore lives in Normandy. She attended Northeast High School. Her husband attended George Washington. She sends her two youngest children to Father Judge and St. Basil, contending that Washington is no longer safe.


Republican City Council at-large candidate Matt Wolfe last week released a plan to combat Philadelphia’s opiate epidemic.

“The number of lives ruined by opiates in Philadelphia over the past few years is truly unbelievable. This is the greatest health crisis of my lifetime, and when elected to City Council I will take immediate action to solve this epidemic.”

Wolfe’s plan would revamp drug education for students, communities and first responders; increase enforcement efforts against bad actors such as illegal “pill mills;” secure Philadelphia’s port from drug smuggling; ensure people who legitimately need pain medication can access them easily; hold the pharmaceutical industry accountable; combat recidivism through criminal justice reform; and seek more funding from state and federal governments.

Wolfe is strongly against the implementation of safe injection sites.

“Supporters of safe injection sites believe that they will unquestionably help the opiate problem. But that is simply not true. It makes no sense whatsoever to give heroin addicts a place to inject poison into their veins. They will never have an opportunity to stop if enabled. They need treatment and rehabilitation,” he said. ” ‘Safe’ ” injection sites not only negatively impact the individuals and their families, but the surrounding communities. You don’t see City Hall proposing them for Mayor Kenney or District Attorney Krasner’s blocks, do you? Thank God that U.S. Attorney Bill McSwain is fighting these dangerous facilities.”


Republican City Council at-large candidate Bill Heeney has officially won his appeal against District Attorney Larry Krasner in accordance with Pennsylvania’s Right to Know law.

According to the ruling by the Harrisburg Office of Open Records, Krasner must now hand over to Heeney documents that reveal the number of declinations to prosecute police arrests of severe crimes.

Heeney, a business owner in Philadelphia, was a recent victim of a burglary at his store. Arrests were made, and the defendants – one of whom was a former employee – are on the record confessing to the crime and identifying themselves as the perpetrators filmed in the security footage of the incident. The district attorney, however, claimed there was no malice, and threw out the case.

The D.A. now has 30 days to hand the records over to Heeney.


Councilman Al Taubenberger (R-at large), of Fox Chase, has picked up 19 union endorsements and the backing of the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce in his bid for a second term.

Taubenberger has the support of the following unions: Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 5; Pennsylvania FOP Lodge 37 – PA State Police; Firefighters & Paramedics Local Union 22; Philadelphia Building Trades Council; Teamsters Local 830; Teamsters Local 628; D.C. 21, Glaziers, Painters and Allied Trades; AFSCME District Council 33; AFSCME District Council 47; Sheet Metal Workers Local 19; Sprinkler Fitters Local 692; IATSE Local 8 Stagehand Workers; IBEW Local 98 Electricians & Electrical Workers; Transport Workers Local 234; KML Regional Council of Carpenters; Plumbers Local 690; PA Council of Teamsters – Joint Council 53; Boilermakers Local 13 and OPCMIA – Cement Masons and Plasterers Local 592.

Taubenberger is the former longtime president of the Greater Northeast Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

“I am humbled by the incredible level of support I have received to date from the business community and Philadelphia’s proud labor community,” he said. “I have always promoted a strong alliance between unions and the business sector because it makes for a strong local economy. I have always championed the business community and also support labor’s commitment to providing workers with family-sustaining wages, fair benefits and safe working conditions. I will continue to be a strong supporter of the business community and organized labor for the advancement and betterment of the city.”


AFSCME District Council 47 announced its endorsement of Working Families Party candidates for Council at large Nicolas O’Rourke and Kendra Brooks.

“As a former 1199C member, it is wonderful to have the endorsement of AFSCME DC 47, which is made up of our city employees who work every day to make our city better,” Brooks said. “We need to ensure the city stays affordable and that we’re increasing the number of union jobs so that our workforce can afford to live in Philadelphia.”

There are 17 candidates for seven seats. Voters get to choose seven. The five Democrats are sure winners, based on voter registration. O’Rourke and Brooks are trying to win one or both seats usually captured by Republicans.


Voters will be casting ballots to fill two seats on state Superior Court and deciding whether to retain two judges on Superior Court and two judges on state Commonwealth Court.

The Pennsylvania Bar Association Judicial Evaluation Commission is reissuing its ratings and descriptive paragraphs for all appellate judge candidates appearing on the Nov. 5 ballot.

The commission is recommending the retention of Superior Court Judges Anne Lazarus and Judith Olson and Commonwealth Court Judges Kevin Brobson and Patricia McCullough.

In the race for two seats on Superior Court, the commission rated Democrat Daniel McCaffery, a Common Pleas Court judge from East Torresdale, as “Highly Recommended.”

The commission described McCaffery, an assistant district attorney from 1991-96 and private lawyer, as “an experienced jurist known for his high degree of professionalism and good judicial temperament. He is engaging, sincere, intelligent and affable with an admirable work ethic.”

McCaffery, 55, was the runner-up in the 2009 Democratic primary for district attorney. He began serving as a judge in 2014, and the commissioner determined he “has a sound knowledge of legal principles, with his opinions and legal writings being well-reasoned.”

However, the commission rated Democrat Amanda Green-Hawkins as “Not Recommended,” explaining she does not have the experience or preparation for Superior Court.

The commission recommended Republicans Megan McCarthy King and Christylee Peck as “Recommended.” ••

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