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Masterman senior: Fitzgerald right on gun issues

By Amal Mathew

Democrat Isabella Fitzgerald is the state representative for the 203rd Legislative District. She focuses on many issues that affect the whole community. She fights for all those who are struggling to survive because she knows that everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities. One pertinent issue that Fitzgerald has been fighting for is gun control. Gun violence is a serious threat in today’s society. The death toll is steadily increasing due to the unsafety of guns. People demand their right to own guns for various reasons, including hunting and other sports. Because of the leniency in gun sales and possession, many have been injured and many have lost their loved ones. When these guns somehow get into the wrong hands, this could be a serious problem. That is why there needs to be more legislation to reduce and prevent gun violence.

State Rep. Isabella Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald sponsored several bills that regulate the possession of guns. For example, she sponsored HB2077, which demands the safe storage of guns when not in use. This helps keep weapons in safe spaces where they cannot be readily accessed by anyone, like children. Guns can be a hazard to anyone if they end up in the wrong hands. With this bill, Fitzgerald is ensuring that guns do not end up somewhere accidentally, reducing the chances of injury and gun violence.

There should be stricter laws that control the use and sale of guns, especially in today’s society. There are many factors to consider when regulating gun use, like the desires of people and the safety of people. Overall, safety is more important than one’s desire to use guns. I understand that people have the right to what makes them happy, but it crosses a line when it takes away someone else’s happiness. Guns should not be used lightly because it can do great harm if misused. Therefore, the process of buying and keeping a gun should be stricter. ••

Amal Mathew is a senior at Julia R. Masterman High School and a resident of the 203rd Legislative District.

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