Letters to the editor

Poor speech by Trump

In the Feb. 12 edition of the Northeast Times, a letter writer characterized Nancy Pelosi’s tearing up her copy of Donald Trump’s “State of the Union” address as “distasteful and disrespectful.”

In actuality, it was Trump’s speech that was “distasteful and disrespectful.”

For his speech was filled with untruths and misleading assertions. It was basically an exercise in self-adulation, more like a campaign speech than an address to American citizens of the state of our nation. President Trump’s “Stump Speech” was an insult to Americans.

Bill Cooney

Fox Chase

I stand with Congressman Boyle

In his letter to the editor on Feb. 12, announcing his candidacy for Congress, David Torres concluded by stating, “I promise when elected I will always put people before politics.” And yet he completely undercut his own promise by attacking Speaker Pelosi, not on her policies, but on her ripping up the State of the Union speech. Thank you for exposing the complete inconsistency in your thought process.

You cannot promise to avoid doing something in one breath after having actually already done it in the previous breath. What Speaker Pelosi did was dissent against the numerous mistruths, obfuscations and lies within the speech. This was an act of patriotism, plain and simple. What David Torres did was “distasteful and disrespectful” because he engaged in the very thing that is tearing Americans apart at this moment – leveraging a highly politicized event for his own political gain against his opponent, Congressman Brendan Boyle.

David Torres has broken his very first promise to the electorate, even before the ink was dry. He is deemed, by his own actions, unfit for office. I stand with Congressman Boyle, who has held this lawless president accountable by voting to impeach him, and who has focused on policies that affect me, an average middle-class American, rather than engaging in derisive politics.

Michael A. Podgorski

Fox Chase

Kenney is AWOL

As Rome burned, Caesar was in New Hampshire. His quote is right on “with guns blazing,” and they sure are in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, Kenney was in New Hampshire. He’s really starting to act like de Blasio in NYC. They rule by proxy, and if something happens in their city while they are away, it really didn’t occur. It’s also not a shock that he is stumping for Warren. They have the same political philosophy: Give everyone what they want, and we will tax the working stiff later. As he was up there sipping coffee and stumping, we were down here cleaning blood off the streets.

Richard Donofry

East Torresdale