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Home News Former Council candidate, ethics board reach settlement

Former Council candidate, ethics board reach settlement


The city Board of Ethics, former City Council candidate Judy Moore and her campaign committee entered into a settlement agreement involving campaign donations from last year’s election in the 10th Councilmanic District.

Moore, a Democrat, took 45 percent of the vote in a challenge to Republican Councilman Brian O’Neill.

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The agreement resolves violations of campaign finance law, specifically the committee’s failure to disclose $11,578.78 in debt to Rittenhouse Political Partners and numerous contributions and expenditures in campaign finance reports. The Committee to Elect Judy Moore must pay $3,500.

In addition, Moore must pay $1,500. Candidates must have only one checking account for contributions and expenditures. Moore, an investigation found, made two campaign expenditures using personal funds, one for yard signs and another for an event at an Old City bar. Moore was not reimbursed for the expenditures, and they were not disclosed in campaign finance reports. ••

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