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Trash compactors coming to Torresdale Avenue

State Rep. Jared Solomon last week announced that he has secured a $22,500 grant for the Wissinoming Civic Association to fund solar trash compactors on Torresdale Avenue.

“I am excited to announce this grant award, as it is something we’ve been working with the leaders of Wissinoming on for some time,” Solomon said. “Torresdale Avenue is the spine of the Wissinoming community, and it needs to be equipped with all the tools to keep it litter-free, and these Big Belly receptacles are a big step in that direction. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a more comprehensive approach to rid our corridors of litter and make them vibrant, attractive, lively places to do business without trash blowing everywhere.”

Solomon was joined during the news conference by representatives from the Wissinoming Civic Association and the Oxford Circle Christian Community Development Association.

The grant Solomon announced was funded through the Keystone Communities Program, administered by the Department of Community and Economic Development. ••


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