Letters to the editor

Keep on Trumpin’

I got a survey from the Democrats. They wanted to know what were the most important three things to me. I said, “Keep Trump in the White House, keep Trump in the White House, keep Trump in the White House.” The Democrats have done nothing in the last four years but try to take the only man out of office who is doing anything. If the Democrats haven’t done anything in the last four years, what’s going to change if they get into office? Sanders wants free medical for all, free college, you know who’s going to pay for that. Biden doesn’t know what state he’s in and now he’s running on the sympathy of his son. It takes more than that to run a country. I’m sure they are blaming Trump for the virus, too. I’m staying with the man who’s making America great again.

Fred Wollner


Please stop hoarding groceries

It has been a week since I was able to buy a breast of chicken, a can of bean soup or a bottle of hand sanitizer.

I am a senior in a high-risk health category. Yet I have to go from store to store to buy basic needs I usually get in five minutes at the grocery. Exposure to risk, I don’t want.

Just imagine if we had a snowstorm in the middle of all this.

Forget the milk — they’d be kidnapping the cows.

Why do you need to buy 20 rolls of toilet paper? Do you have 12 kids, or do you just enjoy sitting on the can? Please stop it.

Please show respect for your fellow neighbors in this difficult time.

And stores, stop bulk-selling necessity items. Set limits.

It’s a shame people can’t be decent enough to set their own limits on hoarding. Makes you wonder — what will Philadelphians do if we have a real (1918 pandemic) health crisis?

Richard Iaconelli


Philly parks and trails are open

As we continue to navigate these challenging times, we want to give you an update on the actions we will be taking in regards to the COVID-19 crisis. All Riverfront North events will be cancelled until April 10. At that time, we will reassess if other future events will also need to be postponed. Stay tuned to our social media accounts and website for updates.

We’ll continue to monitor developments during this unprecedented situation and will keep you updated as we have new information.

In the meantime, Philly parks and trails remain open and there are countless ways to enjoy them in safe and healthy ways:

• Take a walk: Research shows that spending 20 minutes in nature can reduce stress levels.

• Love your park – solo. Grab a trash bag and help clean your local park. Show us your accomplishments by tagging #myphillypark on social media.

• Take note of your favorite nearby tree. Download the iNaturalist app and start to identify the plants and wildlife in your community.

• Take part in the Riverfront North fishing contest. Share pictures of your catch on social media for a chance to win prizes. Find out more on our website.

We will continue to provide updates in the coming weeks and appreciate your understanding during this time. We are thankful for everyone supporting one another through these challenging times. To find local information about the virus, visit the City of Philadelphia’s COVID-19 website.

Stephanie Phillips

Riverfront North Partnership

Trump’s poor response to the coronavirus

In Donald Trump’s recent address to the nation, he stated that his administration has “acted swiftly and professionally” in response to the coronavirus.

The reality is, neither he nor his administration acted in that manner.

The Trump administration was aware of the coronavirus months before it gave any acknowledgment of that fact, and, for some, still, unknown reason, Trump declined to allow the World Health Organization testing protocol, offered as “a bridge,” to be used prior to the Center for Disease Control implementation of its own test.


Almost certainly, Trump’s admonition to staff, et al, not to openly raise attention to the virus “for fear of spooking the (financial) markets,” and, hurting his re-election chances … is one reason for an intentional delay. That delay squandered months of otherwise valuable time vital to identifying exposure extent and virulence of the pathogen and to set in motion manufacturing, distribution and inventory assessments of safety equipment for hospitals and staff.

In my opinion, it ultimately needs to be investigated as to whether or not, once test kits become available through the CDC, if Trump himself, his family members and/or close personal and political connections have investments in entities producing and/or distributing those kits.

Myopia seems pervasive among Trump supporters who accept, without question and even spread, diatribe aimed at any entity or individual daring to question or criticize even the most obvious examples of propaganda … most of which has the potential to hurt his base disproportionately.

The dangerous assault on truth and reason, stoked by the ignorance and resentment of those needing to call all they don’t care to believe “a hoax” or “fake news,” greases the wheels of tragic outcomes such as the pandemic literally sickening and taking the lives of Americans.

“Ignorance can be improved; willful ignorance and inaction is inexcusable.” _ David Brock

Arthur Gurmankin


Dubious “safety improvements”

The news about “safety improvements” (March 18, page 6) on Castor Avenue calls for some analysis. Traffic is already heavy with two lanes in each direction. The state officials who are planning to reduce this to one lane in each direction obviously have not driven on that stretch of road. Castor Avenue is safe now if everyone follows the rules. Unfortunately, not everyone always does, but that is no excuse to make matters worse.

First, what are they going to do with all the extra traffic after they reduce the road capacity by 50 percent? All those cars certainly will not disappear just because you took two lanes away. Second, what are they going to do about the many drivers trying to make a left turn from the left lane south of Cottman Avenue? How will through traffic keep moving if the extra lane is removed? Third, what about all those cars and trucks that routinely and brazenly double-park in the right lane of traffic between Tyson and Magee? How will traffic get by with only one lane when that lane is blocked?

State Rep. Jared Solomon does not provide any justification to his claim that this is “one of the most dangerous roads in the city.” Instead of bureaucratic solutions that will only exacerbate traffic, why not simply enforce the current laws against jaywalking, double-parking and speeding?

Leo Iwaskiw